Zoom's stock shot

Telset.id, Jakarta – Wall Street analysts alert Zoom Video Communications. Because, on Tuesday (9/1/2020) local time, Zoom's share price shot up, even reaching a record high.

According to Wall Street analysts, Zoom shares shot up due to the coronavirus pandemic. He continued, when people return to work normally from the office, Zoom can experience measurement.

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Quoted Telset.id from Reuters, Zoom shares jumped 39 percent to USD 452 per share. The brokerage raised its guidance on average price to USD 161 after the company beat analyst estimates.

The numbers show that one success story during the health crisis is turning a large free user base into cash. Zoom opens clearer avenues for competition.

JP Morgan analyst Sterling Auty warned that the level of dependability of small customers poses a high risk for Zoom. He said this shows the risk of decreasing income when the pandemic subsides.

“The growth spurt is increasingly coming from the most risky customer segments. Customers with less than 10 employees accounted for 36 percent of Zoom's total revenue this quarter, ”he said.

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Zoom's video conferencing platform has become an essential part of everyday life for people stuck at home under coronavirus-related restrictions, whether for work, school or socializing. (SN / HBS)

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