Grabtoko scams
(Photo: By courtesy), Jakarta – The alleged fraud by Grabtoko went viral on social media. A number of netizens reported that they suffered losses of up to IDR 15 million.

Please note, Grabtoko is an online store that sells the latest mobile phones such as the iPhone 12 Series. This shop claims to sell smartphone at a much lower price than the official price and offering discounts of up to 90%.

With this tantalizing offer, it's no wonder that people order cellphones at Grabtoko. One of the netizens who suffered losses due to the alleged Grabtoko fraud is @ChardKurniawan.

On Sunday (3/1/2021), he bought the Samsung Galaxy A51 and iPhone 12 at Grabtoko for a total price of IDR 15 million.

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“Test your guts to buy 2 cellphones at Grabtoko, hopefully the goods will actually be sent, bro. We will update here later when the goods are sent and the goods arrive, ”tweeted @ChardKurniawan.

Initially, he received information from the shop that the ordered goods would be sent on Monday (4/1/2021). However, the Grab store suddenly delayed the delivery from Tuesday (5/1/2021) to Saturday (9/1/2021).

He got this information after seeing the WhatsApp Grabtoko status upload. @ChardKurniawan also uploaded it on Twitter.

“The delivery has been delayed, gaiss. Already starting to be pessimistic, “complained @ChardKurniawan.

The next day, Grabtoko still hadn't sent the order at all. As a result, he also created a WhatsApp group with other customers to communicate with each other. This group contains customers who have not received orders from Grabtoko.

“UPDATE. My order status is still hanging gais. Friends who bought in the group have not received any receipts, “he added.

Alleged Grabtoko Fraud

The reasons for consumer orders that have not been sent by Grabtoko were revealed. Through the official Instagram account @grabtokoid, which is now inactive, this happens because of consumer money being embezzled by investors.

Managing Director of PT Grabtoko Indonesia, Yudha Manggala Putra apologized for the delay in responding to consumer complaints.

Then Yudha explained that he had reported the Grabtoko investor to the police.

Grabtoko scam
Grabtoko Logo (Photo: Special)

“We are currently reporting investors for embezzlement of consumer money to the National Police Headquarters in Trunojoyo, South Jakarta,” said Yudha.

Yudha explained that the company was trying to confiscate existing assets in order to avoid greater losses. The company will also try to refund consumers' money.

“We have also tried to confiscate existing investors' assets and freeze all of our accounts, in order to avoid even greater losses. We will return the consumer's money as soon as possible after going through the police process, ”said Yudha.

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The @ChardKurniawan account responded sadly to the post. He surrendered even though he had to lose IDR 15 million due to the alleged Grabtoko fraud.

“Alright, guys. Trying to sincerity 15 million. Bye lazy to take care of it, “said @ChardKurniawan.

The Telset Team tried to access the official Grabtoko site, namely on Thursday (7/1/2021) but could not be accessed. Hopefully this case can be immediately investigated by the police and become a lesson so that the public can be more careful before buying smartphone. (NM / MF)

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