– Since last year, it must be admitted that Xiaomi started returning to step on the gas in Indonesia. This, marked by a series of launches smartphone the latest in the country. The latest, Xiaomi brings the latest HP into the middle class, that is Redmi Note 9 Pro which is also ours review in full in this article.

Approximately 6 months since the Redmi Note 8 Pro arrived in Indonesia, Xiaomi released its successor named the Redmi Note 9 Pro.

This launch event is very different compared to last year. There was no noise from the fans of Indonesian Noodles, and there were no crowds of guests who came to the venue.

Understandably, the launch of the Redmi Note 9 Pro in Indonesia was held in a manner on line to comply with government policies for social and physical distancing in order to suppress the spread of the Covid-19 outbreak.

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The presence of the Redmi Note 9 Pro itself is proof, the faster Xiaomi presents smartphone its flagship to Indonesia. Not only that, Xiaomi also presents a series of new things in this latest series

Starting from the design concept, kitchen runway, features, to the ability of the camera was enhanced. Well, of course you are increasingly curious as to what the latest Xiaomi cellphone explained in 2020. Therefore, you should see review complete the following Redmi Note 9 Pro.

The design

Review of Redmi Note 9 Pro

Redmi Note 9 Pro does come with a new design, very different when compared to Note 8 Pro. However, only this time we were quite surprised by Xiaomi which no longer provides original designs on the Redmi Note 9 Pro, specifically body back. Let's discuss them one by one.

The front first. Smartphone This appears with a wider screen than the previous series. No longer carrying the Waterdrop Notch design, Redmi Note 9 Pro uses a design called DotDisplay.

DotDisplay itself is a camera hole placed in the middle of the screen. The design is believed to be able to maximize the screen to screen ratio bodyMoreover, Redmi Note 9 Pro does have bezel thin on each side.

Smartphone It has a 6.67 inch IPS type screen with a maximum Full HD resolution. The screen has been coated by Corning Gorilla Glass 5, and also a screen protector default you can release.

Like Redmi Note 8, smartphone this also uses the frame plastic or polycarbonate quality. Different from the two previous generation Redmi Note series, Xiaomi is not too echoing the durability of the frame this plastic.

However, we believe that Xiaomi does not reduce the quality at all smartphone-his. Because properly, the manufacturer from China even had to improve the quality of their latest smart phones.

Review of Redmi Note 9 Pro

Redmi Note 9 Pro now comes with a different rear design, like we said before. But, this design actually made us wonder, “how come Xiaomi can be that way?”

How not, our first impression when looking body back smartphone is very similar to the Huawei Mate 20 Series. Why do we say that? Because, the frame camera smartphone it is square, and is similar to the Mate Series from Huawei.

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Fortunately, there is a different touch on body back. If you propose a Tropical Green colored unit, you will find that different touch. Because, Xiaomi affix two different colors on body glastic coated with Gorilla Glass 5.

The color consists of light green at the top, and dark green with stripes on the bottom. This color makes it look elegant and more character than smartphone another in its class.

At the bottom, there is speaker who has the ability to “cleanse himself”. That is to say, speaker this is pinned on the Clear Speaker feature which will play a loud voice in approximately 30 seconds to clean the hole speaker from dust.

Then, there is a microphone, the port USB-C, and also jack 3.5mm audio. At the top, there is a microphone and IR Blaster.

While on the right side, there is a fingerprint button that also serves as a power button. This sensor has a fast response, and is easy to reach by the thumb. Then, paired with a volume button whose position is really up.

This position is less ergonomic in our opinion, because it is quite difficult to reach when used. While to the left, there are 2 SIM card + microSD slots.

Review of Redmi Note 9 Pro

Actually, there is one drawback that we feel from the design of the Redmi Note 9 Pro. These deficiencies are in part the frame camera. In addition to the shape that looks like the Huawei Mate 20 Series, the frame this is also very prominent.

As a result, the frame the camera is a support smartphone body when stored on the table when not using softcase. Fortunately, Xiaomi provides softcase clear, the quality is standard, but enough to protect body from fine scratches.


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