No one expects the house to be flooded. Water that comes in large quantities in a short time makes us do not have enough time to save things at home. Especially electronic items, such as laptops, cellphones, TVs, refrigerators, fans, keyboards, or other items.

For items that are large and heavy, there is really almost nothing we can do to save it. The most likely is to dry out and repair it when the flood has receded. The worst is to throw it away, otherwise it can be sold at a low price.

Of course you can move it to the top floor – if you can – because things like chairs, sofas, cupboards, couches – it's big and heavy – and on average the stairs to the top floor are also minimalist in size, so this isn't an option that can everyone's chosen.

So never mind …

What about electronic goods?

For large electronic items, types of refrigerators, if possible, try moving to another place that is free of water.

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While for laptops, smartphones, TVs, home audio and other items that may be moved, it is relatively easier. You just need to make sure they are in a safe place from the water. If necessary, place or cover them with a thick, safe plastic container.

Even more important to note is the electrical cable lines in the walls, plugs, and extension cables which can be a source of fatal problems.

Avoid placing power outlet holes that are too low. Because it won't give you more time to save your belongings once the flood comes quickly.

Likewise, the placement of electronic goods such as home audio along with the TV.

Especially if the area of ​​your house where you live is in an area that almost always experiences floods every year, you naturally understand how high water can get into your house.

Do not hesitate to add at least 60 cm from the height of the previous flood water as the lowest limit for the placement of electronic devices in your home.

In addition to the electronic items, there is one more thing that you have to make sure is safe when there is a flood. Marketable securities.

You certainly do not want to add to your losses because of certificates, marriage certificates, family cards, passports, or BPKB and Vehicle registration damaged due to flooding right? Can make your intention to clean the house to lose a sudden moment.

The average person puts a vehicle registration vehicle in a wallet, together with a SIM, ID card, and ATM card. So it is relatively safer from flooding because most of the time it will be with you.

But there are also those who place vehicle registration on a small wallet that functions as well as a vehicle key chain.

Somewhat different from BPKB vehicles that are not usually taken anywhere. Usually he only comes out of the house when you sell or send your vehicle to school.

To avoid the risk of important papers such as BPKB was damaged due to flooding, try to place them in plastic containers that are made of thick and really good. And place the bag containing these securities in a safe place, but still easy to reach so you can secure them when there is a flood or other bad events in your home.

Because losses from flooding can be very large, it is important, from the outset, to choose a place that is free of flood is very important.

If the house is already in a flooded area, what can be done is to minimize the consequences. Or sell.

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