, Jakarta – Interactive map on line created by paleontologists based in California, United States, makes it possible to see your hometown hundreds of millions of years ago.

Ian Webster, the inventor, said the map aims to spark fascination and respect for scientists who work every day to better understand our world and its past.

According to reports New York Post, Webster designed the interactive map using based applications the web which borrows a geological model from geologist and paleographer Christopher Scotese.

Quoted, Wednesday (2/9/2020), the map allows users to enter any location, including your hometown, and then see where it has been for the past 750 million years.

“My softwaregeocode location, using the Scotese model to run the countdown location in a count of time. I created the interactive globe visualization myself, ”added Webster.

The map, Webster says, could even show what dinosaurs roamed near your hometown. In fact, Webster's map can see when the first flowers bloom.

“The map also contains pleasant surprises, for example how the US used to be split by shallow seas, the Appalachians used to be very high mountains comparable to the Himalayas, and so on,” said Webster. (SN / HBS)

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