#kamisukareviewrealm 6 Series will soon be launched in Indonesia after it was successfully introduced in India in early March. There are some differences in realm 6 and realm 5 series which are worth observing.

With enhanced specifications of the 5 Series realm, the 6 Series realm is here to meet the needs of users to live their daily activities. So, what are the differences between the 6 Series realm and the 5 Series realm? Listen here!

According to the Indian version of the 6 Series realm review, the sequel to the 6 Series realm smartphone comes with attractive specifications and is certainly the best of its predecessor. There are many changes brought by the 6 Series realm based on various points that really need to be updated from the 6 Series realm.

This makes the reality of the 6 Series worth waiting for by its fans in Indonesia. Because in this series, reality brings the best processor designed for gaming smartphones in the mid-high class.

So that the 6 Series realm will be a successor for smartphone brands that have a series of figures with total sales of more than 18 million units globally.

Difference between reality 5 and reality 6 series

Realm 5 and Realm 6
Realme 5 series

The successor of Realme 5 and Realme 5 Pro has the advantages most sought after by those who love photography. The 64MP resolution rear camera from the 6 Series realm leads them to perfect photo results.

However, the Real 6 and Real 6 Pro itself have fundamental differences from the 5 Series realm based on camera features, especially on the front camera. realm dares to innovate with punch-hole displays or so-called In-Display Selfie cameras in the 6 Series realm. In a way, this is an innovation step undertaken by realm in its mid-level smartphone line.

Realme 6 Pro, for example, has six cameras, two on the in-display selfie camera with a 16MP resolution and four rear cameras whose main camera has a resolution of 64MP.

Whereas Realme 6 is only equipped with five cameras like the Real Series 5, namely one In-Display Selfie camera with a 16MP resolution and four rear cameras with a main camera with a resolution of 64MP.

Excess 6 series realm

Another advantage of the 6 Series realm when compared to the 5 Series realm is the jumbo capacity battery and wider storage capacity.

Not only that, the latest smartphone from this reality has been equipped with Fast Charging 30 W technology, which means we don't need to waste time to fully charge.

The variety of sophistication offered by the 6 Series realm is here to answer user requests. This certainly aims to provide comfort for users in operating the 6 Series realm everyday.

Although it is a middle class, but reality dares to give the best version.

What is the price for this 6 Series realm? Will it be the same as the 5 Series realm? Or can it even be cheaper? We look forward to hearing the official launch of the 6 Series realm in Indonesia in the near future.

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