Earphones Track Facial Expressions

Telset.id, Jakarta – Now there earphones that can trace your facial expressions. This unique technology was developed by researchers at Cornell University, United States.

Do you believe that now there is earphones who can trace your facial expressions? If so, you may thank researchers at Cornell University, United States.

We sometimes prefer not to use webcam sduring a conference call. Maybe you are embarrassed because the house is a mess. You could also really want a little privacy.

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But it must be admitted that having a face-to-face conversation is better than via webcam. Because, you can see a person's facial expression and make the chat feel more intimate.

Now, researchers at Cornell University are creating a pair earphones which when worn can track your facial expressions. This means that you can create a digital avatar for video calls.

According to Ubergizmo, quoted Telset.id, Wednesday (14/10/2020), the avatar can mimic the facial expressions you give. Nicknamed C-Face, earphones it detects facial expressions based on muscles.

C-Face consists of two RGB cameras that capture bands of red and green light. When you move your facial muscles, the light changes immediately, which the camera interprets.

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The camera will determine what kind of expression you make. C-Face might be a solution considering all this time you have to put a sensor on the face to show expressions via webcam.

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