#kamisukareview – HONOR offers HONOR MagicWatch 2 and HONOR Band 5 at a new, friendlier promo price. As is known HONOR, has brought a range of wearables products to the Indonesian market since the end of 2019.

Since it was first launched, both of them have been able to win the hearts of consumers in the country and have been sold out during the Pre Order and Flash Sale which took place in December 2019, especially for MagicWatch 2 46mm products.

HONOR MagicWatch2 and HONOR Band 5 discounts

Well, this time there will be a discount of up to Rp. 400,000 for HONOR MagicWatch 2 and HONOR Band 5 can be had for Rp. 379,000 only.

In the era of technology as it is today, the role of the clock is not merely a time indicator. Now the watch is also considered as a connector of communication and lifestyle support.

The designs and specifications that are served are no longer monotonous and rigid, but also follow the development of fashion.

Getting international awards such as Best of CES 2020 from Android Headlines, PocketNow, and Ubergizmo deserves to be won by HONOR MagicWatch 2.

Honor MagicWatch 2 and Honor Band 5 features

With a design that is masculine, modern and up to date, this smart watch is not only suitable for fashion enthusiasts but is also intended for sports lovers whose daily activities are very productive.

A smart watch or smartwatch with fitness and health features which is one of its advantages; monitor heart rate, stress levels and sleep quality as well as the ability to display the number of calories burned, endurance at 50 meters water depth (waterproof), and various other data during a sports session.

Another advantage of the 46mm HONOR MagicWatch 2 type is also found in its battery endurance which reaches 14 days in 1 charge and is also equipped with a built-in speaker and mic for unlimited listening to your favorite music and telephone directly from the clock.

Smartwatch which is also very appropriate for music lovers, because the type of 46mm and 42mm is able to store favorite music because it has 4GB of internal memory.

As the first pioneer of the HONOR brand wearables line, HONOR Band 5 is HONOR's first official smartband in Indonesia. Smartband with a battery life of up to 14 days, has a detection feature of SP02 (Blood Oxygen Level), heart rate and 10 other types of sports.

Honor band 5

Interestingly, the Sp02 feature is a feature that is rarely owned by smartband in the price range of HONOR Band 5. In addition, Honor Band 5 can also display notifications from smartphones as well as HONOR Magic Watch 2. HONOR Band 5 has also been named the Best Smartband 2019 by GadgetSquad .

Honor MagicWatch 2 and Honor Band 5 prices

At present HONOR Indonesia offers a price reduction promo of up to Rp.400,000 for HONOR MagicWatch 2 type 46mm black and type 42mm. Meanwhile, the type of brown 46mm will get a discount of Rp. 100,000 and HONOR Band 5, the price will be Rp. 379,000 during the promo.

This price reduction promo will take place from March 9, 2020 on all HONOR Indonesia's e-commerce platforms, including the HONOR OFFICIAL SHOP at Shopee, Tokopedia, and HONOR OFFICIAL Indonesia on Lazada.

“The decline in the price of this promo will make both of them more competitive in the market. There are almost no smartwatch and smartband devices with this complete feature offset by satisfying battery life in our new promo price range, “said Adam Guo, Director of HONOR Indonesia.

The price reduction for the HONOR Smartwatch and Smartband promos will take place starting March 9, 2020. For information on new promos and prices, you can visit the official HONOR Indonesia Instagram at @honor_indonesia and HONOR Indonesia's official Facebook.

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