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Telset.id, Jakarta – There is a unique incident in Australia when a Tesla Model 3 car owner “locked” the thieves in a vehicle. All thanks to the safety features found in Tesla cars.

Almost all cars have an alarm system. An alarm siren will sound when someone tries to get into the car. In the Tesla Model 3, the security system is much more comprehensive, making it difficult for thieves.

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According to reports Ubergizmo, as quoted Telset, Tuesday (27/10/2020), an Australian radio host named Annabelle Brett successfully trapped the thieves who stole the Tesla Model 3 car.

Sentry Mode on his Tesla Model 3 is active so it automatically controls an external 360-degree camera and records everything that's happening around you. He also saw the thieves trying to get into the car.

However, thanks to the existing features and tracking capabilities, Brett could see where the thieves were taking the car. He and a friend followed them while calling the police.

The thieves had no idea that the car could be controlled remotely to a certain extent. Brett decided to take a chance, trapping the thieves in the car while waiting for the police.

“In my mobile phone app, we can actually see where the car is. I slowed down the car and messed up the horn and window systems so that the thieves panicked, ”he explained.

The thieves finally got scared and threw away the stolen car. They ran, but without realizing it, someone left his driver's license. The police effortlessly tracked them down and arrested them that same day.

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Tesla cars are known to be equipped with many advanced features. Like for example it will be equipped with chips based on Artificial Intelligence (AI). Chips The AI ​​will be installed in Tesla cars in the next six months.

Chips developed in December last year, it offers an increase in the performance of the Tesla car's autonomous system.

Autonomous vehicle owners can do Hardware 3 hardware updates for free. Thus, their car will be embedded with this super sophisticated new tool. (SN / HBS)

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