Telkomsel Tech Titans League, Jakarta – Telkomsel presents the Tech Titans League, a program that aims to invite superior technology talents in the country to develop knowledge and expertise according to the latest technological industry developments.

Through this program, technology talents will have the opportunity to expand their relationships with experts and professional practitioners in technology.

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Telkomsel General Manager Talent and Career Management Vany Yulviany said that Telkomsel understands that the availability of superior talents in the technology sector is important to build Indonesia into a country with a strong digital ecosystem.

“The Telkomsel Tech Titans League is designed to be able to encourage the capability of the country's technology talents in understanding the latest technological developments,” said Vany in a statement received., Monday (29/9/2020).

The Telkomsel Tech Titans League consists of a series of events that will be conducted entirely online, including online challenges and webinar sessions.

In its first implementation, this program raised data analytics as the main theme. Where this is one of the fields that are currently needed in the digital era and the Industrial Revolution 4.0.

The Online challenge will test the participants' skills regarding data analytics simultaneously on October 17, 2020. Meanwhile, on October 20, the Telkomsel Tech Titans League will hold a webinar with the theme “Industry Case Studies: Building Better Product Strategy With Data”.

The online seminar will be filled by speakers who are experts in the field of data analytics, both from practitioners at Telkomsel and from external experts.

This activity is also an event for announcing the best participants from online challenge activities who are entitled to a total prize of hundreds of millions of rupiah later.

Through this program, Telkomsel hopes to continue to support the individual development of technology talents in Indonesia that are in accordance with the needs of today's industry, and are able to reach more human resources throughout Indonesia.

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“In the future, through the Telkomsel Tech Titans League, we will continue to move forward to maximize the role of Indonesian technology activists as a driving force towards Indonesia's digital transformation,” explained Vany.

“We will also open the door for participants from the Telkomsel Tech Titans League to create solutions from the use of appropriate technology that can solve various solutions in the community,” he added.

Telkomsel Tech Titans League is open to the public and has opened a registration phase from September 22 to October 12, 2020. (HBS)

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