, Jakarta – The Covid-19 pandemic forces companies to digitize. Both for internal and external affairs to consumers. Of course, if the company is small, it will be easier because it is simpler. Then what if the company is a large company with branches numbering tens or even hundreds throughout Indonesia? Of course this is a problem in itself. However, by using Telkomsel's IoT solutions, these problems can be resolved quickly, efficiently and effectively.

Telkomsel IoT solutions or the Internet of Things are not small. One that has just been introduced again is Telkomsel IoT manage Service SD-WAN or IoT Managed Service Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN).

Actually, this service has been around for quite a while. At least about two years ago. However, the growth is very slow. Now, with many people having to do activities at home, digital transformation is a must for companies to stay productive. Not surprisingly, the growth of this service is also significant.

Telkomsel manage Service IoT SD-WAN has several advantages compared to others. Where, what is implemented is multi-technology connectivity that can make companies that use it much more productively and its implementation is easy.

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Moreover, if all digital transformation processes are carried out conventionally it will require a large amount of money and energy. That is what Telkomsel simplifies to obtain optimal productivity from a company. Enough with plug and play, connectivity between the center and branches can be direct on.

“If there are adjustments, either for existing services or adding new services, it can be done through the cloud. This cloud system also makes implementation costs to maintenance can be reduced. But what is highlighted is not only in terms of costs, but in terms of productivity, which is much more increased. Of course this is what companies need too, ”explained Dharma Simorangkir, Senior Vice President of Telkomsel Enterprise.

In terms of security, Dharma also stated that the Telkomsel Manage IoT SD-WAN solution is guaranteed. This is because security is maintained from upstream to downstream.

Alfian Manullang, General Manager of IoT Smart Connectivity at Telkomsel, added that there are at least four main benefits offered by the SD-WAN Managed Service solution for companies that will carry out digital transformation.

First, this solution allows the hardware used in outlets or branch offices to be connected directly to the company's central data center via the cloud, so it does not require a connecting data center as in conventional WANs.

Second, companies no longer need to use leased line in connecting central data centers, data center hubs, and outlets or branch offices.

Third, a direct connection between the central data center and hardware at outlets or branch offices can also enable companies to avoid technical disruptions to data center hubs that can disrupt operations widely.

Meanwhile, the fourth benefit is that all management management solutions for SD-WAN will be carried out by Telkomsel, so that companies no longer need to control equipment to secure network independently, which requires high operational costs.

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All of these benefits will bring a more efficient and effective integrated operational system, which will increase the overall productivity of the company.

One of the advantages of Telkomsel IoT manage SD-WAN is also the problem of connectivity. Whereas, 4G LTE on the SD-WAN network plays an important role in improving business operations and communications over diversified channels and fast provisioning.

It plays an important role in accelerated implementation and cost savings of up to 50% compared to traditional connections. In addition, 4G LTE technology is the only alternative that can be used wherever the operational system is located. (ADV)

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