, Jakarta – The use of AI technology or artificial intelligence in everyday life has become commonplace lately. At times, it is without us even noticing. For example, when we want to unlock a smartphone, use a digital assistant, or take better photos.

Yes, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has arguably become one of the most talked about trends in recent years. The reason is simple, this technology is present in many devices that we use everyday, one of which is a smartphone.

Well, if previously this might sound like an expensive technology, which… of course it only exists on expensive smartphones, not anymore. As if it had become commonplace, now we can even find the use of AI technology on middle-class smartphones at a more affordable price. Oppo Reno4 F, in this case to be one of them.

Introduced in Indonesia recently, this new smartphone in the Reno series appears not only in a stylish body but also in capabilities that are far from minimalist. And that includes several uses of AI technology in it. Anything?

Voice Assistant

This one feature is arguably the most common example of using AI technology on a smartphone, including the Oppo Reno4 F. Google Assistant is very reliable in helping our daily tasks. Unlike the previous version of the digital assistant, Google Now, Google Assistant can handle more complex tasks because it is equipped with an artificial intelligence system in it.

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Better Camera

Just as Google Assistant has become smarter with an artificial intelligence system, 6 cameras – consisting of a 48MP front camera (main), 8MP wide angle, 2MP Mono and 2M; and the rear 16MP (main) and 2MP (Depth) cameras, which are on the body of the Oppo Reno4 F, can also produce better images thanks to the use of AI technology.

We can find this in a number of modes, both on the front and rear cameras of smartphones. Let's say AI Portrait Color, which gives portraits a unique splash of color, while blurring the background with stylish frames; AI Super Night Portrait, which allows us to take clear selfies even at night; or AI Night Flare Portrait, which combines a bokeh effect and a low-light HDR algorithm to brighten photos in low-light environments.

Apart from that, there is also an AI Super Clear Portrait mode, which lets us not miss any details when taking portrait photos; and AI Beautification 2.0 which will maintain natural skin tone. AI Beautification 2.0 also works to fill in beard and eyebrows if you are a man.

AI Processing Unit

It is not without reason that the most advanced cellphones also come with the most reliable chipsets. In fact, chipsets are the brains of all processing on smartphones. And the use of AI technology in it is another great thing.

The Reno4 F comes with a MediaTek Helio P95 AI processing unit. It is also equipped with 2 ARM Cortex-A75 Prime Cores operating up to 2.2GHz and 6 ARM Crotex-A55 Efficiency Cores which can operate up to 2.0GHZ. That's not counting the 8GB RAM and 128GB storage, which can be extended up to 512GB via the 3-Card Slot. Performance wise, it's definitely faster.

Smart Charging

Using AI, the Reno4 F intelligently (AI Night Charging) optimizes its battery charging at night, so that the battery can reach 100% right in the morning when we wake up.

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This works thanks to an AI algorithm that studies the user's wake-up time and distributes the last 20% of the charge into the 90 minutes before the user wakes up. This protects battery life due to repeated charging, between 80% and 100% at night.

Not only that, activating Super Power Saving Mode also allows us to do many things, even if at that time the battery only had 5% left.

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