Tri boss Medsos admin, Jakarta – Mobile operator Hutchison 3 Indonesia (Tri) commemorates National Customer Day with a unique action, namely asking its directors to become administrators of social media. So, what was the response when these Tri bosses were lined up to become social media administrators?

With the reason to be closer to customers, the board of directors of Tri Indonesia was appointed to be the admin or manager of Tri Indonesia's social media accounts (medsos).

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There were three of the directors who were asked to become social media administrators, namely Vice President Director 3 Indonesia, M. Danny Buldansyah, Director of Human Resources 3 Indonesia, Wahyudin Adikusumah and Vice President Customer Engagement & Operation 3, Julandi Fransiskus.

Danny Buldansyah was asked to become an admin for a Twitter account, for and answering customer questions. Then Wahyudin Adikusumah greeted and answered customer questions on the Facebook channel, and Julandi Fransiskus made a video call to greet customers.

Of course being a social media admin is not easy, because everyday they never do these work activities. Especially with their position as directors, of course they always work with the help of their assistants.

Danny Buldansyah, who daily performs his duties as Vice President Director 3 Indonesia, admits this. He admitted that being a social media admin was not easy.

“Apparently not easy. The questions are very diverse, it takes quite a broad knowledge to become a social media admin, ”said Danny when contacted by the team, Friday (4/9/2020).

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When asked what customers are most asked about, Danny said that the most frequently asked questions were about promos, SIM card changes, and reward points.

According to him, the role of the admin of social media is very effective in the digital era like now, because many Tri users are active on social media. Even though he admits, there are still some things that need to be improved.

“Social media admin is very effective. Of course, there are still things that can be improved. With Trivia the results are now much better than traditional customer service, ”he explained.

For information, so far Tri has used digital services, including chatbot based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology called Trivia to serve customer complaints or questions.

Besides that, they also present 3DigiBox in several areas, such as Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi (Jabodetabek) and West Java.

According to the Vice President for Customer Engagement & Operation 3, Julandi Fransiskus, so far Tri's customers have been taking advantage of digital services for various purposes. As a result, Tri's digital service has increased by 47% compared to last year.

“Our digital-based services this year increased 47% compared to last year. Apart from social media, our interaction through Triva has also increased significantly, “said Julandi.

“Coupled with the new launch of more than 80 units of 3DigiBox in Jabodetabek & West Java, which is an automatic service machine to meet all customer needs,” he added.

Even though he has implemented AI-based digital services, Danny said the presence of customer service representatives is still needed at this time.

“AI capabilities will get better with the bigger big data they have. But I believe that in the short and medium term, the ability of customer representatives is still needed, ”said Danny.

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Meanwhile, according to Julandi, his party continues to improve digital-based services to reduce physical contact in new normal situations during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“For 3, customer satisfaction is the top priority. In a new normal situation like this, 3 continues to improve digital-based services to reduce physical contact for the convenience and safety of customers, “said Julandi. (NM / HBS)

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