Human flying jetpack, Jakarta – You can imagine how shocked the airplane pilots were when they saw “flying humans” using jetpacks stalking them. Inevitably, the pilot immediately reported this incident to the Los Angeles Airport Air Traffic Control (ATC) and the FBI.

The pilot who reported the shocking incident was found out by American Airlines. He said he had seen the man with the jetpack.

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The pilot explained that the man in the jetpack was flying at an altitude of about 3,000 feet. The incident itself took place near Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), United States.

The plane with flight number American 1997 was within 10 miles (16 kilometers) of LAX on Sunday (30/8/2020) morning. The pilot said he was very surprised by the incident.

“The Tower, American 1997, we just saw a man with a jetpack walk by,” the pilot told the ATC Tower officers, as quoted from Fox News,

At that time, the ATC officer immediately responded by asking the position of “the flying man in the jetpack to the left or right of the plane. The pilot also replied that the mysterious man was on the left side of the plane.

“(The jetpack man) is on the left side, maybe 300 yards (274 meters) or so, almost as high as us,” the pilot replied to the ATC Tower officers.

In a statement, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said that the incident occurred at around 6.30 pm local time.

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Interestingly, this incident was not only seen by one airplane pilot, because there was a Fly Emirates A380 pilot who also experienced the same thing. The pilot said he saw the person flying very fast next to the plane using a jetpack.

“Two flight crew reported seeing what looked like someone in a jetpack last Sunday, at around 6.30am local time,” said a statement issued by the FAA.

With the incident report, ATC immediately appealed to pilots to be more careful and monitor the movement of the flying humans.

The FAA itself said it would carry out an investigation to find out who the jetpacked flying human actually was. The FAA even involved the FBI to participate in investigating the pilot's report.

Aviation observer Steve Cowell said he believed the two pilots' reports were accurate. He did not doubt the ability of American pilots who were very confident in what they saw.

With this incident, pilots are now not only worried about the presence of other planes in space, birds, or drones. Pilots now deserve to be alarmed by the presence of people flying as fast as lightning using jetpack-like equipment.

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For information, that most jetpacks cannot fly that high. Yves “Jetman” Rossi, who is known for his flying jetpack, does have this capability, but usually flies under a safe environment. (HBS)

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