Coincides with the launch Samsung Galaxy S4 in Indonesia, Gadgets who became one of the partners of XL Xplor managed to get the chance to do a review of the Galaxy S4 yesterday afternoon (2/5).

The Samsung Galaxy S4 was first introduced globally in mid-March 2013 in New York. Galaxy S4 comes with an ala concepteater on Broadway. After waiting for almost one and a half months, this device finally landed in Indonesia on Thursday (2/5).

The selling price for this device is IDR 7.5 million and Samsung claims to have a sales target of 5,000 units within 10 days in Indonesia. For information, Samsung released two types of Galaxy S4 namely Galaxy S4 with Snapdragon quadcore processors and Galaxy S4 with Exynos octacore processors in mid-March 2013 yesterday.

1. Specifications

Samsung only presents the Galaxy S4 with the support of the Exynoss 5 octacore processor in Indonesia, the reason is that network support in Indonesia has not accommodated the Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology, so that the Samsung Galaxy S4 type with Snapdragon chipset is not released in Indonesia.

In addition to octacore processor support, the Samsung Galaxy S4 also has exceptional specifications where there is a 5-inch AMOLED screen with 1080p resolution, Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2 support, 13MP rear camera, 2MP front camera and 2GB RAM.

2. Hands On

Front View of Samsung Galaxy S4


There is no fundamental change in terms of the design of the Galaxy S4 with the Galaxy S3. Both are very similar, it's just that the Galaxy S4 comes with a larger screen that is 5 inches. Oh yes, the resolution density for this 5-inch screen reaches 441 ppi higher than the iPhone 5 which is only 321ppi, but less dense with the HTC One which reaches 468ppi.

At the front, you can also see a 2MP front camera and speakers embedded at the top of the front side of the device. In addition there are light and distance sensors located on the left side of the front camera. On the left side of the speaker is an LED light that can change to flash green, red, or blue to indicate certain activities

Back View of Samsung Galaxy S4


There are not many changes to the design of the back of the Samsung Galaxy S4 with the previous Samsung Galaxy S3. You can see the 13MP main camera on the back side of the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Bgian in Galaxy S4

We opened the back casing and glanced at the inside of the Galaxy S4. You can see the SD Card slot and SIM card above the 2,600 mAh battery capacity.

Top view Samsung Galaxy S4

SamsungS4_4 You see two holes on the top of the Galaxy S4 above? well the first hole a little bigger is the hole for your headset, while one more hole functions as an infrared which can make the Galaxy S4 function a TV remote in Samsung's Watch On application.

Left view and Right Samsung Galaxy S4

SamsungS4_6 On the left side of the Galaxy S4 there is only a power button to turn on or put the phone to sleep.

SamsungS4_21 Meanwhile, on the right side of the Galaxy S4 there is only a volume button to increase or decrease the sound.

3. Software

OS and User Interface


The OS used on the Galaxy S4 device is the latest Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean and is customized with Samsung's default user interface called Touch Wiz. Even though it blends nicely, Gadgetan feels that this UI looks outdated, unlike Windows Phone 8 with Live Tile or HTC One with BlinkFeed.

SamsungS4_22 The widgets on the Samsung Galaxy S4 still look the same as their predecessors, which are small boxes dominated by blue. The combination of Jelly Bean OS and Samsung's default UI does look standard in delivering fast performance, but poor creation.

4. Features

What are the mainstay features of the Galaxy S4? The answer is the camera features, features for sharing content, supporting productivity features, S Translator features and S Health features. These five features will be explained in more detail below.

A. Camera Features



One of the things that Samsung is proud of on the Galaxy S4 is that its camera resolution is quite high at 13 MP. The camera features of the Samsung Galaxy S4 also experience tremendous improvements with several options for taking interesting pictures in it. Some of the camera features that are relied on in the Samsung Galaxy S4 include Dual Camera, Drama Shot, and Sound & Sound.

Dual Camera

SamsungS4_13 Samsung Galaxy S4 has a Dual Camera mode where you can capture images while doing webcam video from both cameras, both 13 MP rear camera and 2 MP front camera at the same time.

Drama Shot

Drama shots won't be used for everyone, but there's no denying that some of the results that are produced are very cool. Drama Shot captures the moment and takes several pictures from various points then gives you a choice of images to save.

Sound Shot

This feature makes the photos in your gallery, not only silent but also make a sound.

B. Features for sharing content (Group Play)

Group Play is one of the many new features introduced on the Galaxy S4, this feature gives Galaxy S 4 users the ability to share content from their phone with those around them.

Play GroupC. Productivity support features

AirView / Air Gesture, where you don't need to touch the screen to operate the Galaxy S4.


Smart Control, this feature is unique, because you don't need to move your screen up and down when reading something, you only need to move your eyes up and down, the sensor will capture your eye's movements and adjust it to fit your eyes.


Smart Pause, this feature also uses sensors to capture the motion of your eyes, you can watch videos later when you look away, the video will be paused automatically.

D. S Translator Featurecarousel1-2_translator_620

This S Translator feature helps them to translate and type sentences in the user's native language.

E. S Health Feature

S Health

This feature serves to monitor the user's healthy lifestyle. This feature is integrated with Galaxy S4 and you only need to enter your personal data in the form of gender, age, height and weight then this application will help you to do a healthy lifestyle by tracking almost every aspect of your health from how well and how much you eat to how often do you exercise.

5. Browser


The browser that we use is the default browser from Samsung. A large 5-inch screen makes you more comfortable in finding information on a website. The Smart Control feature will also make you more comfortable using this Galaxy S4 browser.

6. Performance

We did not bring the test equipment when conducting the review, but according to international media, CNET, they had conducted a trial using the 3DMark benchmark, the results were 11,169 and 6,873. This figure is slightly higher than the HTC One which only reached 11,140 and 6,609. However, such measurement tools cannot be used as a benchmark because the measurement systems are different.


The camera performance of the Galaxy S4 is also very good, it comes with a resolution of 13 MP, the Galaxy S4 is able to capture images very well especially in good lighting conditions. But when in the dark, the picture taking from the Samsung Galaxy S4 feels a little lacking, turning rough with some missing details.

SamsungS4_19 7. Conclusions

Speaking of IDR 7.5 million smartphone which is classified as premium in Indonesia, there are currently several products, including Sony Xperia Z, HTC One, BlackBerry Z10, iPhone 5 and now it is Galaxy S4. It all depends on the taste of the user in choosing the products above. For those who like an elegant design, it looks like the Galaxy S4 which still uses plastic casing will not be your choice.

The advantage of the Samsung Galaxy S4 when we review is the latest Android OS that integrates well with Touch Wiz, Samsung's default UI brings exceptionally fast performance, perhaps also because of the support of the octacore processor which is the kitchen of the reference. In addition, the camera of the Galaxy S4 is also very good because it comes with a variety of features that enrich your choices and your pleasure in taking pictures.

Is the Samsung Galaxy S4 worth buying? As one of the world's top vendors, Samsung certainly presents premium devices that have reliable software with amazing features, unfortunately until now no one understands why they still use plastic back casing to protect the assets of the smartphone itself.

For those of you who like a versatile, sophisticated and large-screen smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S4 might be your choice. But if you want an exceptional design with a quality performance that is not much different. It seems like you better buy their competitors from Taiwan.

Disclaimer: Samsung Galaxy S4 devices reviewed by Gadgetan are facilities and support from XL Xplor as part of the ongoing collaboration between Gadgetan and XL Xplor in presenting a quality mobile and digital technology experience for gadget lovers.

XL Xplor is an educational tool for customers to experience (Experience Center) using a variety of technology products and data services from XL (HotRod 3G +, Pas Satisfied, Xtra Xtra, Package Up).

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