– Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is a flagship smartphone and the most sophisticated that Samsung brought to Indonesia this year. Therefore, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra entered the list smartphone that we have to review as complete as possible to show you loyal readers, what kind of capabilities and technology as a whole.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is embedded with a variety of new technologies by Samsung. Starting from the screen that uses the latest generation of Super AMOLED panels. Then the pacemaker kitchen is Exynos SoC which actually supports 5G technology.

Don't forget the latest camera technology that Samsung first introduced in smartphone this. Then, what exactly is this Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra?

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Well, we will review it in full to you loyal readers in review Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. Let's look carefully!

The design

Review of Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

“This is a cellphone really really big huh? ” That's about our first impression when holding smartphone this for the first time. Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra be smartphone most of Samsung with a screen size of 6.9 inches.

Even, smartphone this is bigger compared phablet Samsung's flagship, Galaxy Note 10+. When compared, the Galaxy S20 Ultra's screen is 1 inch bigger than the Note 10+.

Not just big, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra no longer carries the hallmark of the Galaxy S and Note Series. Our distinctive feature is the curved glass panels on the left and right sides.

Smartphone it still has arches, but the arches are something like the 2.5D glass panel that is usually applied by smartphone middle class. Feels something is missing from the S20 Ultra when there are no more arches on the screen.

Just for information, the arch on the screen or “Edge” on smartphone flagship Samsung is one solution to minimize bezel left and right. Luckily, even though the S20 Ultra doesn't have these curves, Samsung still packs it in a way bezel-less.

The impression of “all-large” we also found on the back. Only this time, we saw the frame nan large rectangular camera like the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. If measured, the size is even more than half the width body back smartphone.

Review of Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

You are fun to compare sizes the frame S20 Ultra camera with the frame Huawei P40 Pro camera. Because in the form the frame, second smartphone have the same design concept. When juxtaposed, size the frame the camera on the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is much bigger than the Huawei P40 Pro.

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Big addition, the frame the camera is also quite prominent. If you use smartphone this without wearing casing additionally, the S20 Ultra camera will automatically be a support body as a whole when placed on a table or other flat mat.

Frame the large camera is home to four cameras that are carried by the S20 Ultra. Three lenses and LED flash are placed on a square at the top, and periscope lenses are placed at the bottom with the words “Space Zoom 100x”.

The size and prominence the frame camera on smartphone this we feel is perfectly normal. There are two reasons in our opinion. First, Samsung requires space or greater space for the lens periscope on S20 Ultra.

Review of Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Secondly, Samsung cannot possibly place four cameras + LED Flash vertically or horizontally like the Galaxy S10 series. Because, aesthetically, the frame such a camera is less pleasing to the eye and disturbs the design body smartphonei overall.

Despite its large size and no longer has a screen with curves on the left and right, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra still has body with build quality best. Other than that, smartphone it's still comfortable to use. Because, smartphone It has a screen aspect ratio of 20: 9 or has a slim width, but it is higher than the usual screen.

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