– Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus is an “update” of the first generation True Wireless Stereo (TWS), Samsung Galaxy Buds, released last year. To find out what updates and improvements it brings, we will review them in review Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus.

We chose to use the word “renewal”, because Galaxy Buds Plus brought some improvement compared to the older brother of Samsung Galaxy Buds.

When first introduced, Samsung said that the Galaxy Buds Plus brings a number of enhanced capabilities and a number of new features, such as more durable battery life and an adaptive 3-microphone system for clearer voice calls.

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In addition, Galaxy Buds Plus is also claimed as earbuds The first TWS from Samsung that uses 2-way speakers, which present sound with treble clear and thumping sound the bass the more “kick”.

But the main attraction of this device is the price that is more 'tilted' compared to its competitors. Yup, by only spending around Rp. 2 million, you can bring home Galaxy Buds Plus. The price is cheaper than the two competitors, AirPods Pro and Sony WF-1000XM3.

How about the performance? To find out, of course, testing must be done. Team have done the test by trying it directly. The result? Follow the full review review The following Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus design

Review of Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus

Galaxy Buds Plus has a design that is very similar to its predecessor, with touchpad on both sides that function as device controllers when used. The shell as the container is also elegantly designed with an adjustable silicon.

The design of the Galaxy Buds Plus is a slim, lightweight bud with a size of 17.5 x 22.5 x 19.2mm. With these measurements will make it easier for you when pinning it to the ear, and also when inserting it into the filling shell.

Samsung includes several eartip additionally in three different sizes. Eartip It also has a smooth texture, and is coated in a rubber that is soft enough, so comfortable when used.

Galaxy Buds Plus has quite a lot of color variants, namely red, white, blue and black. Of course this is one of the advantages compared to AirPods which only released white color.

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You will find touchpad on the side that functions as a capacitive touch key to perform several functions, such as set bass, treble, increase or decrease volume, activate sound amplification ambient, and also to activate the assistant virtual.

The first time you use it, you might feel a little uncomfortable with the presence of a capacitive touch button as a controller earbuds. What we mean is not comfortable because you have to press the button that finally pushes earbuds goes deeper into the ear canal.

But in our opinion, this problem is only a matter of adjustment, because if you are familiar, you will be able to better manage the pressure when using it. From our experience when using it, this device is designed quite comfortable eavesdropping.

But for the record, because the design is slightly protruding from the ear when used, so it causes a little uncomfortable when we wear earbuds while lying on the bed, because our ears feel like they're being pressed.

Its light weight and eartips that can be adjusted to the size of the ear, make the Galaxy Buds Plus not easy to dislodge when used, especially for activities that have a lot of movement, such as walking and jogging. This device remains securely attached to the ear without sliding.

Unfortunately, Galaxy Buds Plus is not equipped with a waterproof feature, because it only has IPX2 certification, or it means it is only water-resistant. For sports activities at the gym or jogging hmm? not a problem. But do not try to bring it into a swimming pool or beach, because it will certainly be easily damaged.

From this point of view, Galaxy Buds Plus is not superior to AirPods Pro, which features IPX4 waterproof features. This waterproof feature is actually just to further calm the user when in a rainy condition. But our suggestion, when it rains should only be removed, safe right.

Whereas for casingitself, quite light and smooth with a rounded tip, so that it fits into your pocket when taken away. As you would expect, casing The charger uses USB-C, just like the one on Samsung phones, which means you don't need to carry a separate cable.


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