, Jakarta – Samsung opens 2020 by launching Samsung Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A71. Second smartphone This is getting enough attention, especially the Samsung Galaxy A71 which comes with a variety of improvements in terms of specifications. To find out more clearly, we will review it in a review of the Samsung Galaxy A71.

After introducing a few smartphone from the Galaxy A series family in 2019, now at the beginning of the year Samsung kicked off the market with a release smartphone newest from the Galaxy A series version 2020.

Unmitigated, the electronics giant from South Korea immediately brought two series to Indonesia simultaneously, namely Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A71. But it must be admitted, the Galaxy A71 is the most awaited Samsung fans, because it is an upgrade from Galaxy A70.

The reason is, smartphone this certainly does not bring minor changes by merely adding features. Galaxy A71 immediately comes with a variety of improvements in terms of specifications that are quite significant.

Intrigued by the improvements brought to the Galaxy A71 series, see the full review of the Samsung Galaxy A71 below.

The design

Since I first held the Galaxy A71, what I feel is that this device feels slim, at least it is thinner than the previous generation, the Galaxy A70. Dimension size is 163.6 x 76 x 7.7 mm with a weight of 179g.

Galaxy A71 wrapped with Gorilla Glass 3 glass material, while for the part frame-it uses material polycarbonate. This smartphone also looks luxurious with a display called the Premium Gloss Dynamic Pattern.

When the light bounces on body device, you will see a rainbow of colors and diamond-like pieces. In Indonesia, the Galaxy A71 comes in three color choices namely Prism Crush Blue, Prism Crush Black and Prism Crush White. For this Galaxy A71 review, we use a device with Prism Crush Black.

Made of glass, the body of this device will certainly feel slippery in your hand. But fortunately in the sales package already equipped with silicon case transparent color. That way, users can be more secure and comfortable when holding it.

On the front section, the Galaxy A71 comes with a Symetrically Alligned Infinity O Display screen design. For information, Symetrically Aligned means that this device has a very symmetrical placement, so that the thickness between the top, bottom, right and left bezel looks the same.

While Infinity O, same as the Galaxy S10 series where the screen smartphone it has holes punch hole in the middle. Certainly on punch hole there is a selfie camera sensor.

Above the hole punch hole there are handset speakers that are on the edge of the bezel. As for the navigation buttons, located in the bottom of the screen. This screen also has a Fingerprint Under Display feature embedded under the screen.

Turning to the rear section there are four cameras mounted in the upper left corner. Like the Galaxy A series that was launched this year, namely the Galaxy A51, this smartphone's camera is arranged in the shape of the letter L. Ie three sensors on the left and one sensor on the right which is also coupled with LED lights.

Button and slot placement appear standard, where the button power and volume on the right hand side. As for the left side there are the slot SIM Card with non-hybrid tray. Users can use two SIMs simultaneously, also added with the slot MicroSD available.

While at the bottom, there is a USB Type C hole as a data connector and also the power, 3.5mm Jack hole for audio, microphone and also speaker grill. Not only on the lower side, on the upper side there are also microphone.

As for the sales package the Galaxy A71 is equipped with an Adapter Charger 25W, USB Type C cable, Document Package, Headset, SIM ejector, and also Silicon Case.

Sales Package Review of Samsung Galaxy A71

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