– Admittedly, development smartphone, especially the middle series is growing very fast. Realme for example, just last October presented the XT Realme series, now there is a successor named Realme 6 Pro in Indonesia. So, to know more about the features, please review the results of Realme 6 Pro from the Telset team.

Yes, at first we thought that smartphone this is the successor of Realme 5 Pro. But, when looking at the complete specification list, and asking for confirmation from the Indonesian Realm, the conclusion was drawn smartphone this is the successor of the Real XT.

Then, actually what it looks like hmm? smartphone which has the nickname “6 Cameras. Pro Display “? Team has done review against Realme 6 Pro. As usual, we have our own parameters when reviewing smartphone.

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Yes, deep review Realme 6 Pro, we review mfrom the design, specifications, capabilities, to the quality of the camera did not escape review that we do. So, to know smartphone with more clarity, you should continue to see review Realme 6 Pro which has been released in Indonesia follows.

The design

Realme 6 Pro
Photo: Muhammad Faisal /

Realme 6 Pro immediately gave three positive impressions from us, when you first saw and used it. The third impression is, different designs, feels flagship, and build quality the good one.

Smartphone it appears now and is invisible the mainstream thanks to the design adoption dual punch-hole or camera hole positioned in the upper left corner of the screen. With this design, as a result makes the type of IPS LCD screen measuring 6.6 inches with his Full HD + resolution appearing more relieved and bezel-less with a ratio reaching 20: 9.

The design dual punch-hole actually not merely a matter of style or to be seen bezel-less, but more to aesthetics. Realm mentions dual punch-hole in the Pro 6 series as “Dual In-display Selfie”.

As the name implies, then the two front-facing cameras are pinned to support the existing activities of its users. Other than that, dual punch-hole this also makes Realme 6 Pro look like flagship smartphone, compared smartphone class, even though XT Realm.

Different impressions are also present on the part body behind it, as long as leave aside the form the frame main camera. Why? Because of the shape the frame Realme 6 Pro's camera is very similar to Realme XT, its predecessor.

Frame the camera that houses the four main cameras is positioned vertically. Right next to it, there is an LED Flash, following the slogan “AI Quad Camera” placed at the bottom.

Maybe one suggestion from us inside review This Real 6 Pro. Try to use the frame square on smartphone or even rounded. Why? The reason is design aesthetics.

Of course, it is not possible to continue making the frame a camera that extends to the bottom. Because logically, surely in the future the number of cameras will be increased, and the sensor size will be increased. So it's better, the frame the camera is more adapted to form factor body overall.

However, Realme presents a new impression on body back smartphone the. This Chinese manufacturer of coating body back with innovative art inspired by lightning.

There are two colors provided, namely Lightning Blue and Lightning Red. Both of these colors give a frightening impression, because the pattern is lightning (lightning), and surrounded by dark colors on each side. This flash pattern will be increasingly visible when body exposed to the right light.

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Realm 6 Pro Indonesia
Photo: Muhammad Faisal /

To create that frightening color, it requires a complicated process you know. Based on the literature we read, the lightning color in Realme 6 Pro is produced from print technology offset UV-curing. In essence, Realme does hundreds of times the color adjustments, until finally a flash color pattern is created smartphone with a rich coating and elegant texture.

Realme 6 Pro keeps other unique things in the design, and managed to make us a little nostalgic. How not, there is a Power button that has another job as a fingerprint sensor.

This Power Button is placed on the left side body with perfect placement, because it is easily reached by the thumb. The fingerprint sensor also has a very fast response, around 0.38 seconds to open lockscreen.

On the right side, there is a Volume button, as well as a SIM slot. Well, in this slot, provided three actual slots. Each is a dual SIM slot, and one microSD slot that supports up to 256GB.

As a cover in the design, Realme 6 Pro also appeared to be equipped with waterproof capabilities. Smartphone body it is equipped with three waterproof layers, namely waterproof glue on the inside to protect the components. Then, the silicone gel is waterproof to protect cracks on smartphone as jack audio and the port USB Then, design a waterproof ring to protect the SIM card slot, battery cover, and component connectors using a foam-proof ring.

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