– Since it was first exhibited in San Francisco, United States, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip looks very tempting. But the price of the Galaxy Z Flip is very draining the contents of the bag. Then, is the price commensurate with its performance? To find out, scheck out the results of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip review.

The beautiful design and very innovative and futuristic are the allure of the smart phone. How come, smartphone fold from Samsung it offers a smart phone design that is far different when compared to smartphone in general.

Galaxy Z Flip also seems to be a means for Samsung to showcase a variety of technologies that they have developed to realize the concept smartphone folding. Also, many different things are offered by Galaxy Z Flip compared to its predecessor, Galaxy Fold.

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Smartphone This fold also succeeded in attracting the enthusiasm of the people in Indonesia. Evidently, the Galaxy Z Flip was sold out in just one hour. Although Samsung Indonesia did not disclose information regarding the number of units sold.

Our experience of using smartphone we will of course share this with you. Certainly accompanied by strengths and weaknesses that we found. Therefore directly refer to the following review of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.

The design

Review of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

Based on Samsung's explanation, design clampshell which adopted the Galaxy Z Flip is inspired by cosmetics that are often used by women. The design of the phone is deliberately made simple so that it easily fits into a pants pocket.

When folded, the Galaxy Z Flip has a thickness of only about 17.3 mm with dimensions of 73 mm x 87 mm and weighs 183 grams. This makes the Galaxy Z Flip quite comfortable when it has to be put in a pants pocket and does not interfere with your movements.

This design makes it very different from smartphone fold the first generation Samsung, Galaxy Fold. As we have reviewed in writing Hands-on Samsung Galaxy Fold, before, Galaxy Fold feels so thick when in the folded position, and is less comfortable and looks prominent when placed in a pants pocket.

The color choices used also add to the fashionable and beautiful impression of the Galaxy Z Flip. Samsung presents three color variants, Mirror Black, Mirror Purple, and Mirror Gold. Available color variants vary by country.

In Indonesia only gets two color variants, Mirror Purple and Mirror Black. If you want a beautiful look, you can glance at Mirror Purple. Conversely, if you want to look elegant and masculine, you can choose the Mirror Black.

Review of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

In the manufacturing process, Samsung combines a layer of smooth glass and special processing that makes this smartphone able to reflect different colors, depending on the angle at which the screen is opened.

When in a folded position, the Samsung logo is engraved on the hinge which will emit a glow when hit by light.

Even so, the beauty of the design of the Galaxy Z Flip is very vulnerable to turning dirty due to user fingerprint traces. Fortunately Samsung has provided case add to the sales package that you can use, while avoiding scratches.

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Use case this addition is highly recommended. The reason is if left open just like that case that covers, the phone will feel slippery in your hand and of course will be very vulnerable to fall. You certainly do not want a cellphone worth Rp. 21 million fell and “ambyar” on the floor, right.

Samsung also paid special attention to the Galaxy Z Flip hinges that are made with a technology called “Hideaway Hinge”. The hinges inspired by the lotus flower are made as well as possible and allow the phone to be opened with an angle of 180 degrees and 90 degrees.

Review of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

Samsung introduced a feature called Flex Mode that allows the device to be opened at a 90 degree angle, similar to a laptop device. This flex mode offers a new experience in using smartphone folding.

Regarding the durability of the hinge, you don't need to worry. This South Korean technology giant guarantees that the hinges can continue to function normally until more than 200,000 times the process of opening and closing.

On the inside of the hinge also has installed dust and dust sweeper technology. This technology allows the cracks of the hinge to remain clean and maintain maximum hinge function.

Samsung placed the fingerprint scanner sensor on the right side of the body and made it easier for the thumb to reach. Fingerprint these are combined together with the button power. Right above it is a button volume. While the SIM tray is on the left side.

On the outside there is also set up dual-camera, accompanied by LED Flash. Beside it there is a small secondary screen which is useful for presenting various information such as date, time, battery status, and also when a notification comes into the cellphone.

Review of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

Unfortunately you will not find audio jack 3,5mm. Instead, Samsung has included a headset AKG in a sales package that can be connected to a cellphone via a USB Type C port.

The beautiful and elegant design of the Galaxy Z Flip is ready to make you the center of attention. Either when the cell phone is used, or even when the cell phone is placed. We already proved it.

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