– When launching the XZ SuperZoom and Narzo realms, they also introduced Buds Air Neo. And this TWS Real Buds Air Neo product has come to the testing table of the Telset editorial team. Check out reviews review the realm of the Neo Water Buds.

Buds Air Neo itself becomes a new version of the first TWS that was launched at the beginning of the year, namely the Buds Air reality.

Uniquely, this successor product brings an increase as well as a decrease in features from the previous generation.

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Buds Air is also priced at a cheaper price than the initial version of Buds Air's reality. What are the improvements offered and why they can be cheaper, see the following review of the Buds Air Neo realm.

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The design

The design of the Neo Air Buds realm has not changed from the standard version of Air Buds. This device is back carrying the Half In Ear earphone design similar to Apple's Airpods. But that's okay, because this design in fact does provide more comfort for users when used.

By design half-in ear this, earphone does not feel pressed into the ear like a model in ear. But it still provides good bass frequency and isolation when used.

Real Water Buds Neo has charging case which is also mirp with the previous version, and certainly also a charging case similar to AirPods.

Buds Air Neo itself comes with two standard color choices namely black and white. The unit that we are reviewing this time is white. Audio tune hole is at the front end of the earphone, and also in the middle and top.

On the outside of the earphone device, there is a touch sensor that functions to navigate the earphone device when connected to a cellphone.

As for the navigation commands, users simply do double tap on the side to rotate /pause audio, tap 3x for the next audio, and long press to enter the voice assistant.

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Users can also access gaming mode, namely by tap-hold on both sides of the right and left earphones. Reality claims gaming mode this will reduce 50% latency compared to other wireless earbuds.

On the lower side, there is a pogo magnetic connector, where the connector serves as a power connector when inserted into the charging case.

Charging case has a locking magnet on the top, so when we open the cover to take it earphone, it will be tightly closed again. Charging case have the port MicroUSB at the bottom for charging, with an input of 10W.

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At the front of the charging case there is a pairing button and also an LED light. The LED will become a notification when the power capacity on the charging case is low.

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When the Charging Case is opened, if the battery is less than 20%, the LED indicator light will flash. But if the battery is still above 20%, the LED lights will continue to green.

To pair, make sure the earphone is inside the charging case, then press and hold the pairing button on the front charging case the. Then do a search on smartphone, of course by activating Bluetooth.

In the sales package, the reality of Buds Air Neo is complemented by charging case, MicroUSB cables, manuals and warranty cards.

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