– Oppo A92 is a smartphone the newest middle class that Oppo brought to Indonesia. Priced at Rp 4.1 million, the Oppo A92 offers a variety of advantages, including the camera sector.

The Oppo A92 has five cameras. Four rear cameras, and one front camera are pinned in the camera hole which Oppo calls “Neo Display”.

The configuration consists of a 48MP lens with aperture f / 1.7, camera ultrawide 8MP, 2MP monochrome camera, and camera portrait 2MP. While the front camera, 16MP resolution.

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All cameras are supported by technology based artificial intelligence (AI). AI on the Oppo camera system can recognize various photo scenarios, and certainly gives a different touch to each scenario.

Not just AI, there are several other shooting modes that can help users to get the highest quality photos. One of them is Dazzle Color which can increase saturation, detail and color in photos.

Then, there is also a Night Mode that makes it easy for users to take good moments at night. Do not forget, there is also a Portrait mode for photo capture needs bokeh.

Main Camera Oppo A92

Like a 48MP camera in smartphone in general, the 48MP sensor used by the Oppo A92 uses Bayer Quad image processing or converts 4 pixels to 1 pixel.

Therefore, results default from this camera is a 12MP photo with sharp detail and color quality. We can take pictures at 48MP resolution by changing the photo ratio in the camera settings.

12MP and 48MP photos offer good quality and are good to look at. Likewise when the photo is enlarged several times. The quality is still well maintained. Here are some photos:

Main Camera

Main Camera Oppo A92

48MP camera

Oppo A92 48MP camera

Ultrawide Oppo A92 camera

Lens ultrawide Oppo A92 has a super wide range, exactly 119 degrees. The wide photo captured by the camera is quite good, though not as good as the main lens.

Perhaps, the only advantage of this lens is that the resulting photo has a wider range than the main camera. But, that does not mean the photos obtained have poor quality.

Camera ultrawide Oppo A92 is able to capture images with detail, color depth, as well dynamic range wide ones. One more, photos don't look like they have a curved effect, and that's a good point for the camera. Here are the results of the photo:

Ultrawide Oppo A92 camera

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Ultra Night Mode 2.0

Maybe all cameras smartphone the Night Mode feature has now been inserted to support users who like night shots. Starting from smartphone class low, middle like Oppo A92, until high quality or flagship already have the Night Mode feature.

However, each vendor has their own “taste” in implementing this feature. Oppo is arguably one brand which successfully presents the Night Mode feature that is able to produce quality night photos.

Brand from China it is more focused on important details of the captured object. Night Mode feature on smartphone Oppo, especially A92 does not seem to want the main object in the photo to lose its details because of noise.

Therefore, this feature increases the detail and color of the object image, while reducing noise to improve its quality. Here are some of the Night Mode photos we took:

Night Mode Oppo A92

Macro Camera Oppo A92

Macro camera seems to be a feature that must be presented on the camera smartphone middle class, the Oppo A92 is no exception. Macro camera on smartphone this allows the user to capture the object up close.

However, the macro camera here is of type fixed-focus. That is, when macro photography takes place, smartphone must be really stable so that the picture quality. Here are some photos:

&Opro A92 Macro Camera

Oppo A92 Portrait Camera

Camera portrait 2MP on the Oppo A92 will help the main lens in taking photos bokeh or portrait. This camera can make the main lens to distinguish the eyes of the main objects that must be focused, and which background which must be given an effect blur.

Photo bokeh the result can be said to have good quality. Effect blur in background fairly neat, although there are several points on the main object that participated inblur-kankan. We think it's natural, because the Oppo A92 isn't equipped with a 3D ToF lens that is able to map objects much better. Here are the results of the photo:

Oppo A92 Portrait Camera

Selfie camera

There is a 16MP camera on the Oppo A92 to support the wearer's selfie hobby. Assisted by AI Beautification technology, the Oppo A92 selfie camera is able to recognize facial contours, skin color, even to the sex of the user.

Therefore, this camera can provide a different touch for each user. For male users, for example, characteristics such as eye bags, thick eyebrows, mustaches and beards will be clearly displayed, rather than refined. Here are the results of the photo:

Oppo A92 Selfie Camera


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