Jokowi Vaccinated Covid-19
(Photo: Presidential Secretariat), Jakarta – President Jokowi officially became the first person in Indonesia to be vaccinated against the Covid-19 CoronaVac made by the Sinovac company from China. The vaccination process is carried out at the Merdeka Palace and broadcast live on the official YouTube of the Presidential Secretariat on Wednesday (13/1/2021).

The vaccination process was carried out at 09.42 WIB. Jokowi was injected with the corona virus vaccine in his left arm by a team of doctors and the injection process itself was brief.

“It doesn't feel at all,” said President Jokowi, while thanking the doctor who injected the vaccine to him.

After President Jokowi became the first person in Indonesia to be vaccinated against the Covid-19 Sinovac, this was followed by several ministers, high-ranking officials, and a number of influencers.

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Several people who were also injected included Minister of Health Budi Gunadi Sadikin, National Police Chief General Idham Aziz, TNI Commander Marshal Hadi Tjahjanto, IDI Chairman Daeng M. Faqih, Raffi Ahmad, and so on.

President Jokowi also shared photos and experiences when the first person in Indonesia to get the Covid-19 vaccine from Sinovac. Through Instagram @jokowi, he shared several processes prior to vaccination by a team of doctors.

“My blood pressure is measured, 130/67 mmHg. Normal. Then I was asked: Have you ever been confirmed positive for Covid-19, have you had a cough or cold in the last few days, have you had heart disease, or other diseases such as kidney? And others. All I said was no, “Jokowi wrote.

Furthermore, Jokowi also urged that the vaccination carried out by the government is an effort to overcome the corona virus pandemic. The hope is that the Indonesian people will be free from the pandemic.

“I am starting a great effort as an Indonesian citizen to be free from this pandemic by receiving vaccines. I hope that the Covid-19 vaccination, which starts today, will run smoothly, “he hoped.

President Jokowi Vaccinated Covid-19
President Jokowi posted a photo of himself being vaccinated (Photo =: Instagram @jokowi)

Citizen Expectations After Jokowi Vaccine Covid-19

Jokowi was vaccinated trending topic in twitter. From the team's monitoring Telset through Trends24 on Wednesday (13/1/2021), the hashtag #JokowiDiVaksin was in third place beating other hashtags.

President Jokowi Vaccinated Covid-19
(Photo: Trends24)

Through the hashtag #JokowiDiVaksin, netizens also conveyed their hopes for the government's vaccination program. For example, the @KevinFrustasi account hopes that this will be a new beginning to fight the pandemic.

“Pak #JokowiDiVaksin. Hopefully it will be a new beginning for Indonesia to fight the pandemic, a long life of struggle, maybe we need a point to remind us to be balanced in life …. Indonesia is advancing !!!!!!!,” hoped @KevinFrustasi.

Then there is the @rifsulaiman account which hopes that the Covid-19 vaccine can make the pandemic end and the lives of Indonesian people can return to normal.

“Hopefully this will be our endeavor so that the Covid virus disaster will quickly end and Allah SWT will reward and replace it with a better one … Aamiin ,,
#JokowiDiVaksin, “wrote @rifsulaiman.

Furthermore, there is also me @darmawandarus who hopes that President Jokowi will be given health and that the Covid-19 pandemic in the country can be handled properly.

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“Always be healthy sir .. I hope this pandemic will be quickly over #JokowiDiVaksin,” said @darmawandarus.

Warganet also made comments and photos. For example, the @Paltiwest account which convinced other citizens that President Jokowi was really vaccinated against Covid-19. You do this by posting a photo when a syringe pierces the skin on President Jokowi's left arm.

“Pak #JokowiDiVaksin yes. No engineering and no stuntman. #Vaccinations Started, ”posted @Paltiwest.

Finally, the @ qiunco2761 account asks the public not to hesitate to vaccinate Covid-19, and don't believe false information about vaccines.

“#JokowiDivaksin and #VaksinisasiDit started let's follow. No more excuses, including fake stories about vaccines,” explained @ qiunco2761.

The moment that President Jokowi was vaccinated was the beginning of the government's Covid-19 vaccination program. It is planned that the Indonesian people will receive vaccines starting this year in order to break the chain of spreading the corona virus. (NM / MF)

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