#kamisukareview – Throughout 2020 Telkomsel is committed to supporting the strengthening of the digital lifestyle ecosystem in Indonesia by consistently undertaking additional development of the 4G LTE Broadband BTS around 23,000 units throughout Indonesia.

Telkomsel also applies the latest technology in developing 4G LTE BTS network infrastructure to increase capacity and speed.

The expansion of this leading technology network equity drives Telkomsel as a digital telco company to always meet customer needs for a digital lifestyle through digital products and services that are centered on customer needs.

Telkomsel Prepares Additional 23,000 BTS

Telkomsel plans to build around 23,000 4G base transceiver station (BTS) units throughout Indonesia, as a manifestation of its commitment to creating advanced technology network access that is evenly distributed in all population areas in the country.

The focus of 4G LTE development this year is also a form of consistency in increasing capacity and speed, as well as the convenience of access stability to meet customer needs for digital lifestyle.

Said FM Venusiana R, Telkomsel Network Director

Telkomsel Network Director, FM Venusiana R said, “We continue to accelerate the growth of aggressive broadband networks especially 4G to support the digital lifestyle ecosystem, along with an increase in data traffic of around 52% during 2019 compared to last year (YoY).

“We are also expanding and deploying the 4G LTE network by considering the growing penetration of 4G service-based devices. The main thing about the expansion of our 4G network is our efforts to ensure that the dynamic digital lifestyle needs of our customers are met. ”

“In 2019, more than 23,000 new 4G BTS have been held, which has exceeded the total 4G development target that has been announced, reaching 109%.

“We are very grateful for this achievement and are a driving force for our spirit this year to continue to accelerate and expand the distribution of quality and leading technology networks throughout Indonesia,” continued Venusiana.

Telkomsel Builds the Latest 4G Technology BTS

4G BTS that will be built by Telkomsel throughout 2020 will also apply the latest technology in the development of network infrastructure that can increase the capacity and speed of network access up to three times the regular 4G BTS that Telkomsel has previously presented.

The development of leading network telkonogy in question includes the application of NB-IoT technology, trial of VoLTE access technology, as well as the use of Carrier Agregation technology that further enhances customer experience in accessing broadband-based services through Telkomsel's 4G network.

Telkomsel is also very aggressive in implementing 4G LTE technology at 900MHz frequency to expand its reach and strengthen its signal especially for customers in the house or building.

With this implementation, Telkomsel is now increasingly expanding its range of 4G services to reach more than 95% of the population in all cities / regencies in Indonesia.

Telkomsel's seriousness in expanding infrastructure as well as upgrading network technology in terms of capacity and speed is a concrete manifestation of responding to the increasingly high adoption and interest of the community in meeting the needs of the people's digital lifestyle, especially access to social media services, video streaming, mobile gaming, to the need to serve the digital sector transformation industry.

Telkomsel's credibility in the eyes of Open Signal

In addition, according to a company report that provides an independent global standard for analyzing the cellular experience of customers, namely Open Signal, on the Indonesian Cellular Network Experience in 2019, Telkomsel continues to dominate and maintain excellence in the six parameters of assessment.

These include 4G Reach, Experience using the Voice Application, Video Experience, Latency Experience, Upload and Download Experience. In the report, the measurement results have been analyzed about the cellular network user experience of all operators in more than 24 cities in Indonesia.

In an effort to ensure the availability of 4G network access can be utilized easily by customers, Telkomsel also simplifies and provides various methods that can be chosen by customers to be able to enjoy 4G connectivity.

For customers who already have a 4G technology device / device and are in an area that is reachable by Telkomsel's 4G network, customers can immediately upgrade / replace Telkomsel's 4G uSIM card through the nearest GraPARI.

Submit a request for a 4G uSIM card through the MyTelkomsel application, Call Center 188, Telkomsel's social media customer service center via Facebook and Twitter, which will then be sent to the customer's address. Detailed information can visit www.telkomsel.com/4g.

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