#kamisukareview – In the coming time, OPPO will launch its newest device in Indonesia. The Reno3 photos were exhibited by the vendor. Apparently, OPPO does not play games in showing the results of its 108 megapixel camera.

The device is present as a successor of the Reno2 series line, its features have been introduced, especially in the ability of night photos both through the front camera and rear camera, ultra-macro 3 cm and the most interesting is the ability of 108 megapixels ultra-clear image.

OPPO has also exhibited the capabilities of the camera and the photos from Reno3. This can be seen through outdoor advertising in the RI Veterans Building in the Semanggi Area, South Jakarta.

“The outdoor advertising that we posted on the RI Veterans Building is the result of photos from the Reno3 device utilizing the 108 megapixel ultra-clear image feature. Two new OPPO personnel, Yoshi Sudarso and Cinta Laura were photographed using the Reno3 device by photographer Ryan Tandya.

“The results are very satisfying. It turns out that OPPO Reno3 can meet the needs of printing in very large sizes. ” Said Aryo Meidianto A, PR Manager of OPPO Indonesia.

Users can use the 108 megapixel ultra-clear image feature called XHD by accessing it through Expert Mode. “The size of the file produced by XHD mode ranges between 20-25MB and has a resolution of 9024 x 12032 so that it produces 108 megapixels,” added Aryo.

Reno3 itself carries 4 main cameras on the back, where one of the main cameras has a resolution of 48 megapixels. Through the XHD feature, Reno3 will take multiple pictures simultaneously.

Then adjust each image layer to the smallest sub-pixel unit for color correction, sharpness, noise reduction to make dynamic range adjustments, the resulting image not only has a large size but also sharp, rich colors and details that are maintained.

In Indonesia, OPPO Reno 3 comes in three color variants of slience black, silver blue and morning mist. Unfortunately, there is no detailed information about this device both for specifications and how much later this device will be sold in Indonesia.

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