– Nokia arguably is brand smartphone who are passive in releasing new smartphone products. This year, Nokia finally released Nokia 5.3, which became their first smartphone in 2020. The team has arrived for Nokia 5.3 to come review.

Nokia 5.3 itself in Indonesia became the successor of the Nokia 5.1 Plus which was quite successful in attracting consumers gadget in Indonesia in 2018 ago.

And of course the arrival of Nokia 5.3 this time provides morning expectations for Nokia lovers to repeat the same success.

Nokia 5.3 was introduced as smartphone middle class in the price of three million. Some of the superior features are Quad Camera, large battery, Android 10 (One), and also NFC.

For those of you who are curious about the capabilities of Nokia 5.3, see review in short the following.

The design

This time, Nokia 5.3 looks different from the last generation we saw before, namely Nokia 5.1. Because Nokia did not have time to enter Nokia 5.2 products into Indonesia, and directly skip to this Nokia 5.3. Somehow.

The design offered by Nokia 5.3 in plain sight does look more attractive, of course also because of the gradations of color it plays.

The color of the Nokia 5.3 review unit that we hold is charcoal. Where the color combination is black with a slight gray accent.

The material used in Nokia 5.3 is mostly dominated by Polycarbonate. Both the frame and the back of the body using the material.

We were a little fooled into thinking that this device has glass material on the back of the body, because the sales box shows an image that seems very glossy.

The back of the body also becomes a strong magnet for the oil in the hand, so this device easily looks dirty.

Luckily Nokia provides a silicon case for additional protection and also avoids the device from dirt.

While for the front has used Gorilla Glass 3 protective glass material, which makes it quite safe from scratches and collisions.

The screen size itself, smartphone It uses an IPS sized 6.55 inches with a waterdrop shaped notch model for the selfie camera. This screen has HD + resolution, with a pretty good brightness.

For buttons and slots, Nokia 5.3 has buttons power and volume on the right hand side. On the power button, there is a white LED light that also functions as a notification.

On the left side, there is a triple SIM Card slot the slot. Namely two for the SIM Card with the nano type, and one for MicroSD, where users can add extrenal memory with a capacity of up to 256GB.

Still on the left side, there is a button, whose function is to trigger the Google Assistant function. Nokia does rely on superior Android original features from Google as its appeal.

At the bottom, it's right grill speaker, microphone and hole the port USB Type C. While on the top side there is a 3.5mm jack hole and also a second microphone.

Turning again to the back there is a round camera frame that is perhaps the most noticeable from the Nokia 5.3 design.

Unlike most products smartphone others that offer a Quad Camera design that is arranged vertically in the middle or in the left corner, Nokia provides the frame with sensor configurations arranged in a square in the round frame.

At least this gives a little premium impression of the device. Then at the bottom of the camera frame, there is a sensor fingerprint round shape.

This may still be fairly conventional, considering several vendors smartphone currently using fingerprint on the screen or also fingerprint side mounted attached to the button power.

Nokia 5.3 Camera Review

Overall, the design of Nokia 5.3 is sufficient breakthrough in some aspects such as camera modules and buttons. However, several other aspects such as it are somewhat outdated as in the placement of the fingerprint.

Then durability which is usually the strength of Nokia products, now does not look so prominent.

The Nokia 5.3 sales package is quite complete including the charger adapter, USB Type C cable, manual and warranty card, silicon case, SIM ejector as well headset.

Nokia 5.3 sales package

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