Youth Pledge Short Video Competition, Jakarta – Welcoming Youth Pledge and Heroes' Day, Telkomsel announced a new program initiative called Telkomsel Urvideo Competition 2020. Through this program, Telkomsel held a short video competition for content creators.

This program is a video competition from the collaboration between Telkomsel and Urbanasia, which invites Indonesian content creators to create positive creations for the community.

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Choosing the theme “The Pride of Diversity in Indonesia”, this program aims to increase the sense of pride in the Indonesian nation amidst diversity and love for the country.

“We are very enthusiastic about holding the 2020 Telkomsel Urvideo Competition, as an initiative for us to interpret the commemoration of Youth Pledge and Heroes' Day,” said VP Corporate Communications Telkomsel Denny Abidin, in a statement received., Friday (16/10/2020).

Registration for this video competition is open to all content creators talented throughout Indonesia to register their work from 15 October to 10 November 2020.

Telkomsel and Urbanasia have given freedom to choose genres from short films, ranging from drama, comedy, documentary, to animation, as long as it represents the spirit of “The Pride of Diversity in Indonesia” which is the theme of this initiative.

The duration for videos that are registered is at least 2 minutes and a maximum of 15 minutes. Participants are required to use one of nine selected songs. The nine songs are included in the album “Nyanyian Anak Negeri”.

Later, all registered video works will pass the judges' assessment to produce 20 finalists. Then, the 20 selected works will be able to be watched on the MAXstream Telkomsel service, and the public can vote for the video works they like.

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All finalists also participated in the top event of the Telkomsel Urvideo Competition 2020 on November 19, 2020 which was broadcast live through the MAXstream application channel.

There are four categories of winners that will be announced at the event, namely Gold Best Video, Silver Best Video, Bronze Best Video, and Best Voted, with a total prize pool of IDR 160 million. (HBS)

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