MacBook Air 2020 staying digadang will come soon soon, even according MacRumors, the producer will release it next week. Although not completely correct or confirmed, but the choice of the latest Apple devices can be quite promising for fans (or vice versa).

MacRumors itself has claimed that Apple will release the MacBook Air 2020 “as early as next week”. Although these rumors still need to be treated carefully, beliefs about all these things can be true, moreover this is the same source before Apple released the iPad mini and the new iPad mini model on March 18 last year.

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However, high hopes on the MacBook Air 2020 can occur, moreover the laptop will bring new strengths such as Intel Core 10th Y series CPU genes, including the presence of a scissor-switch keyboard.

If true, then the MacBook Air 2020 could certainly be the first decent increase since 2018. Forbes himself reported last year and said that Apple might make the MacBook Air an Amber Lake-Y laptop, while upgrading it to a 10th generation Intel Core processor. . The main increase comes in the number of cores, with the MacBook Air switching from dual-core to quad-core processors.

We wait for all these certainties for the next few days, is it feasible to be your waiting material?

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