– Attendance Reality C11 to Indonesia, arguably making the competition middle or lower class mobile phones entry-level in Indonesia it seems more exciting. How come, smartphone This is claimed to carry a variety of new things for a “lower class mobile phone”. Therefore, we are also interested to review it deeper through review C11 Realm this time.

Realm itself is one brand quick to launch a new product. At least, more than 3 products have been introduced by Realme in the last 1-2 months.

One that they introduced was the C11 Realme. Smartphone This is claimed to be the inaugural cellphone in Indonesia and even the world is powered by the MediaTek Helio G35 processor.

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In addition, the latest HP Realme is also packaged with a different design compared to other phones in its class. But, really so?

Well, to answer this, we will review in full through review The following C11 reality. Come see!

The design

C11 Realm Review

When we first opened the box, and gripped the C11 Realme unit in Pepper Gray, we immediately chuckled in admiration. The reason smartphone This doesn't look like a lower middle class phone.

Yes, the C11 Realme comes with a different design than the other series in its class. Indeed, when talking about the front face, smartphone this still carries a design the mainstream and not much different from other smart phones currently available.

Realme C11 still adopts the same design as Realme C2, which is the screen waterdrop. The screen size of 6.5 inches with HD + resolution, has notch or bangs at the top as a place for one selfie camera.

The screen itself is surrounded by bezel which in our opinion is quite thin, except for the chin. Even so, the aspect ratio has been cinematic you know, or 20: 9.

Earlier we said that the design of the C11 Realme does not look like a “lower class HP”. We got this impression when looking at the back smartphone.

So, besides Pepper Gray, there is also Mint Green. Both of these color choices are inspired by the names of herbs, friend. Unique?

The color is overlaid polycarbonate body in the C11 Realm. Here is unique and different. Body it has a special texture, and the texture offers two advantages that we can feel directly.

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C11 Realm Review

First, this texture provides the effect of reflective light that it makes body look more elegant. Moreover, there is a “Realme” logo in the lower left corner that is positioned vertically.

Secondly, this texture also makes body The C11 realm is comfortable to hold. This phone doesn't feel slippery, and bodyit's free of fingerprints.

It's still the back. The impression is different not only in texture and coloring, but also in the shape of it the frame the camera.

Realme seems to hear the “complaints” of consumers, including us who often do Realme smartphone reviews. Several times we always say, that the camera frame designs from Realme are almost the same.

And now, the C11 Realme comes with a box-shaped camera frame design that is placed in the upper left corner of the body. This frame is home to two main cameras, LED flash, and the “AI Camera” logo.

At the bottom, there is a speaker hole, micro USB, microphone, and 3.5mm audio jack. On the left side, there is a dual SIM slot and one microSD slot. While on the right side, there is a power button and also the volume.

C11 Realm Review

No fingerprint sensor found here. Realme only embed face recognition system as an additional security system.

Accordingly overall, we liked the design of the C11 Realme. Bodyit is sturdy, comfortable to use, and looks elegant and is different from other series in its class.

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