Lenovo V145 14AST 09ID | Quick Spec: AMD A6-9225, 1TB HDD, 4GB DDR4 RAM, 14-inch HD screen, AMD Radeon R4, LAN, WiFi, Bluetooth, HDMI, Card Reader| Price of Lenovo V145 14AST A6-9225 Rp. 3,535,000, – in shopee.co.id.

Lenovo has released a V series laptop since some time ago. The Lenovo V series is designed to provide laptop alternatives for online or offline businesses at an affordable price without compromising user performance, convenience, and data security.

The price of Lenovo V145 14AST A6-9225, which is only 3 million, is very friendly for small and medium businesses (MSMEs) or those of you who are starting an online business independently.

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Indeed, if you see the 1414 V145 specifications can not meet the criteria of a business laptop that usually has a price above 10 million. After all, the success of someone building an online business is not merely because of expensive laptops, but rather on its determination in achieving goals.

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Lenovo V145 14AST 09ID

Lenovo V145 14AST A6-9225 performance

Lenovo V145 14AST 09ID relies on AMD A6-9225 as processor the main. Its performance is relatively good for daily computing. A6-9225 is part of the Stoney Ridge generation that works with a speed of 2.6 GHz which can be increased to 3 GHz when needed.

There is also inside The GPU integrated in the form of AMD Radeon R4 with 192 shader cores using GCN (graphics Core Next) as its architecture. With a working speed of 600 MHz, the Radeon R4 is tough enough to run everyday graphics applications.

You will indeed have difficulty playing games or photo and video editing applications. But it is still very convenient for watching movies stored on a hard disk or for streaming.

For details, please read a separate article about AMD A6-9225.

To support the performance of the A6-9225, the Lenovo V145 14AST 09ID is equipped with 4GB DDR4 2133MHz RAM.

4GB of RAM is enough to run Windows 10 and various everyday applications smoothly. Moreover, the installed RAM is DDR4. If deemed necessary, you can upgrade to a maximum of 8GB.

In terms of storage media, you will get a 500GB 5400rpm hard disk to store your data, media and OS.

For online business and MSME laptops, this 500GB capacity is still very sufficient. Unless your business is already very large with thousands of product items, you don't need to upgrade your hard disk to a larger capacity.

Apart from that, you also still get a DVD drive, though it might not be of much use. After all, now can exchange files more easily and safely via Google Drive or even just using WhatsApp.

The design

Compared to current laptop design trends, the appearance of the Lenovo V145 14AST looks not too far behind. Even though the bezel around the screen is still thick.

Solid casing with a screen that can be stretched up to 180 degrees makes it has more value. Choice of reinforced polycarbonate plastic casing is also good. The body also doesn't easily leave fingerprint marks.

Lenovo V145 14AST 09ID A6-9225

Upgrade Option Lenovo V145 14AST A6-9225

By default there isn't much that can be easily upgraded in this Lenovo V145 14AST A6-9225. It's the same as other consumer laptops.

What is clear, you have the option to upgrade RAM to 8GB if one day you need it.

For those of you who feel speed is more important than hard disk capacity, then advice me is to upgrade the 500GB HDD to SSD. And if the DVD drive is not used much, it's better to use the bay to place the 500GB HDD.

So the SSD is placed in the original HDD slot, the default HDD is moved to the DVD bay. You will need a caddy. Cheap kog.

Wear Comfort

In general, Lenovo V145 14AST 09ID A6-9225 is quite comfortable to use for almost all daily computing needs. Starting from browsing, chatting and messaging for customer service, and of course running Office-based applications – like Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

If you are more familiar with Google services, because it is free and does not need to install any additional applications, the Lenovo V145 14AST 09ID A6-9225 will feel more effective. Simply open Google Chrome or any browser of your choice, and you can immediately work.

The convenience of using the Lenovo V145 14AST is also very supported by a keyboard with keys that are very comfortable to type for a long time. The distance between the keys is quite tenuous with sufficient reflection.

You also do not need excess energy to press the button. This all can increase the speed you type documents. Unless your finger is not yet fluent in typing.

The 14-inch diagonal screen with a standard HD resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels is also quite comfortable on the eyes. Brightness can be up to 200 nits. This is quite helpful when you work a lot in an environment that is too bright.

And the most pleasing of the Lenovo V145 14AST screen is the anti-glare coating. This layer can reduce the effect of light reflection so that the screen will remain easily visible even behind you there is a bright light source, such as light from a window or lamp.

In general, the quality of the screen using TFT LCD LED backlight technology is quite satisfactory and commensurate with the price of only 3 million.

14-inch screen with HD resolution is still very convenient to use for business computing needs online and SMEs. Not too big like a 15.6-inch screen which means to add weight and electricity consumption, and not too small like an 11.6-inch screen that makes the eyes more easily hurt.

Just to overcome the saturation, the sound from the 1414 Lenovo V145 speaker is also pretty, thanks to the Dolby Atmos technology it uses. You can work calmly while playing songs via Spotify or Youtube.

Stereo speakers with an audio output of 2 x 1.5 W are quite capable with sound that is not too loud, but quite clear and detailed. Pas for you who like EDM type music.

Lenovo V145 14AST connectivity port is quite complete. You can find a LAN port to connect it with a LAN cable – both for home internet and connected to other computers on your network.

Many new thin laptops have eliminated this port. Though laptops for online businesses rely heavily on internet connections.

You can also easily connect it to other devices. Like the HDMI port – to add an external monitor or projector, a fast USB 3.0 port, and there is also a card reader – which you usually use to transfer product photos from your camera.

Excess Lenovo V145 14AST A6-9225

  • affordable prices
  • sturdy casing is not easy to get dirty
  • Option to add RAM up to 8GB
  • the screen can be stretched up to 180 degrees
  • there is an anti-glare coating
  • long-lasting battery

Lack of Lenovo V145 14AST A6-9225

  • the screen bezel is still thick
  • not sold with Windows 10
  • Not using SSD
Price of Lenovo V145 14AST A6-9225

Lenovo v145 14AST A6-9225 is a choice of online and MSME business laptops from the lowest price level. With many good features and the convenience of the use it provides, this cheap 3 million laptop can be the initial capital for users who want to start or develop an online business.

Currently, you can buy it at various computer stores in your city. If you are comfortable and are accustomed to buying online, here are recommendations for online stores that you can visit to buy or just check the latest prices:

Lenovo V145 14AST specifications

  • Screen: TFT LCD with 14-inch LED backlight resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels, Anti-glare
  • Processor: AMD APU A6-9225 dual-core 2.6GHz with Turbo Core 3GHz
  • Chipset: AMD
  • Graphics: AMD Radeon R4 Graphics
  • Memory: 4GB DDR4-2133MMHz RAM, upgradeable max 8GB
  • Storage: 500GB 5400rpm SATA III hard disk
  • Connectivity: LAN port, WiFi, Bluetooth, USB 3.0 port, HDMI port, card reader, and audio combo port
  • Speaker: 2 x 1.5W stereo speaker with Dolby Atmos
  • Front camera: available
  • Battery: 2 Cell 30WHr with a durability of up to 5 hours
  • Operating System: DOS
  • Dimensions: 333.9 mm x 247.9 mm x 22.4 mm
  • Weight: 1.55 kg
  • Color: Black

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