Lenovo IdeaPad C340 14IWL-E7ID specifications and price | quick spec: Intel Pentium Gold 5405U, 8GB RAM, Intel UHD Graphics 610, NVMe 256GB SSD, 14 inch HD touchscreen, Windows 10 Home x64, rapid charge, 1.65 kg | You can buy this cheap, cheap 2in1 laptop with prices ranging from 5.3 to 5.8 million.

Where to buy the cheapest Lenovo IdeaPad C340 14IWL-E7ID Pentium 5405U?

You can buy a Lenovo C340 E7ID touch screen laptop in almost all major marketplaces. And as always, there are always those who sell at unreasonable prices (too cheap or too expensive).

The following laptop ID reviews find an online store that sells Lenovo C340 Pentium 5405U at the cheapest but still reasonable price.

Recommended price for the Lenovo IdeaPad C340 14IWL-E7ID

Lenovo IdeaPad C340 14IWL-E7ID

For those of you who now need a cheap but still fast touch screen laptop to work, the Lenovo IdeaPad C340 14IWL-E7ID can be the best choice at the price of 5 million.

Lenovo indeed often releases low-cost laptops with competitive specifications. One of the touch screen laptops that also sold well at that time was Lenovo Yoga 310 (Intel Celeron N3350, 4GB RAM, 1TB HDD, 11.6-inch 10-point multi-touch, webcam, USB 3.0 / 2.0, HDMI, Card Reader).

Now I still used, precisely used by the wife, hehe …, lamayan fun. Small, petite, responsive touch screen, and very easy, so easy to carry anywhere.

Unfortunately the energy was a bit lacking for my needs, so I moved to wear it to my wife.

Are the specifications adequate for daily tasks?

hah, the Lenovo IdeaPad C340 14IWL-E7ID uses an Intel Pentium Gold 5405U, 8GB RAM, and a 256GB NVMe SSD. At a price of 5 million, this is one of the best touch screen laptops this year.

If you really need a cheap touch screen laptop that can also function as a tablet, don't make decisions too soon, rather than later not getting it, like the story Lenovo Yoga 330 51ID (Intel N5000, 11.6 inch HD touchscreen, 256GB SSD, Intel UHD Graphics 605, 4GB RAM DDR4, battery life up to 6 hours, Windows 10 Home x64, 1.25 kg) which was released very in demand, until within a few months there were no more stock.

Lenovo IdeaPad C340 14IWL-E7ID promises good performance thanks processor Intel Pentium Gold 5405U. You could say this is an economical version of the Intel Core i3 series. Using the 8th generation Intel Core architecture codenamed Whiskey Lake, it also brings new features, especially features related to efficient use of power and a more efficient and efficient 14nm ++ manufacturing process.

For details, please read Review and Specifications of the Intel Pentium Gold 5405U.

While in terms of graphics, there is an Intel HD Graphics 610 which is the default 5405U IGP. Because this laptop is not made for playing games or running heavy graphics applications, it's quite natural to have none The GPU discrete – which might actually make the battery wasteful.

Intel HD Graphics 610 has 12 execution units (EUs) with speeds of 300 – 950MHz. The graphics performance is sufficient for everyday light computing, from watching full HD videos to editing photos and lightweight videos.

Can you play games?

It still works, but yes, don't expect without lag if the game requires heavy graphics power. If only PES or FIFA can still go well, bro.

From the Lenovo IdeaPad C340 14IWL-E7ID specifications, we can see that a combination of Intel Pentium Gold 5405U processor, 8GB RAM, Intel UHD Graphics 610, and NVGB 256GB SSD will make it a pretty good-performing laptop.

Who should buy this Lenovo C340 14IWL-E7ID touch screen laptop?

If your work is more concerned with typing, such as doing school or college work, preparing theses, papers, reports, or proposals, then you don't need to doubt the performance of the Lenovo C340 E7ID.

Even if you need a laptop to actively manage a blog or online store, this touch screen laptop from Lenovo is also very fitting. Especially because the ability of the battery is relatively durable – can be up to 10 hours of normal use.

To make your typing activities more enjoyable, this cheap hybrid laptop keyboard has been equipped with backlight for typing in low light. So there is no problem when you have to type in an airplane or train.

14 inch touch screen resolution HD responsive

The screen of the Lenovo IdeaPad C340 E7ID is 14 inches with HD resolution of 1366 × 768 – this is a resolution that is still reasonable and good, although not extraordinary considering the price.

Which is enough thumbs up is the type of touch screen that uses IPS (In-Plane Switching) LCD LED backlight technology. With this IPS screen, it means you will enjoy a screen that can be seen from a wider angle. You don't need to be right in front of it so that everything that appears on the screen is clearly visible.

The color produced by the Lenovo IdeaPad C340 14IWL-E7ID screen also looks quite bright, sharp, and quite clear. Especially with the thin bezel around the screen, then you will get a more spacious and spacious room.

The 14-inch screen that he uses is also fun, not too small like an 11.6-inch screen which is troublesome for an elderly person like me, nor is it as big as a 15.6-inch laptop screen which for some people feels a bit outrageous – its size.

This 14-inch screen can also help reduce its weight to 1.65 kg. Not the lightest 14 laptop of course. This is not an ultrabook, brothers and sisters.

But still, Lenovo's touch screen laptop on this one is still relatively light.

As a convertible laptop, of course you can use it as a tablet by bending the screen to 360 degrees. For other modes, you can try tent mode, or laptop mode as in general.

Pre-installed genuine Windows 10 on the SSD NVMe M.2 256GB

Lenovo includes Microsoft OS Windows 10 Home Original x64 as part of the sales package, so you can directly use it without the hassle of buying and installing Windows 10 more

To support the performance of the Intel Pentium Gold 5405U and 8GB of RAM, there is a 256GB M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD that is not only fast (NVMe SSDs are faster than SATA SSDs), but also saves battery power, and reduces overall laptop weight.

Just so you know, the average 5 million laptops still use 1TB HDD, even if there are those who use SSDs, yes at most they still use SATA SSDs with a capacity of 256GB. This is really pretty, when comparing prices and specifications.

A durable battery with a fast charging feature

Lenovo IdeaPad C340 14IWL-E7ID battery is quite large – Lithium Polymer type with a capacity of 45 Whrs which is stored in 4 cells. Lenovo claims the battery can last up to 10 hours for a single charge.

According to Review Laptop ID8 hours makes more sense, considering the usage conditions of each user can vary.

If only for typing documents in Microsoft Word or compile financial reports in Microsoft Excel, without being connected to the internet, yes I think 10 hours is very reasonable.

The story will be different once WiFi is active, typing while streaming music via Spotify and actively browsing here and there, opening many tabs in the browser, not to mention if the Bluetooth is connected and connected to a cellphone, yes … I see … It all needs power from the batteries right?

Fortunately, Lenovo is very aware of the habits of users who are always connected to the internet that can make the laptop battery run out quickly. Lenovo's answer is to include the fast charging feature on the Lenovo IdeaPad C340 14IWL-E7ID battery.

The rapid charge feature is quite fast. Can charge up to 80% of the battery in just one hour.

This is very fun for those of you who often have to rush mobile to move places – from school or campus to home, to the cafe, to the library or other places.

And finally, this touch screen laptop that can be a cheap tablet carries enough ports to be able to plug in with multiple devices. There are USB 3.1 Gen1 port, USB 3.1 Gen1 Type-C port, HDMI, audio jack combo, and of course WiFi and Bluetooth.

Excess Lenovo IdeaPad C340 14IWL-E7ID Pentium 5405U

  • good performance
  • responsive touch screen
  • durable battery with fast charging
  • RAM can be upgraded up to 16GB
  • The original Windows 10 Home x64 OS is pre-installed

Lack of Lenovo IdeaPad C340 14IWL-E7ID Pentium 5405U

  • energy for graphics processing is still lacking

Lenovo IdeaPad C340 14IWL-E7ID

Recommended price for the Lenovo IdeaPad C340 14IWL-E7ID

Lenovo IdeaPad C340 14IWL-E7ID specifications

  • Screen: IPS LCD touchscreen with 14-inch LED backlight HD resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels, anti-glare, slim bezel, can be rotated 360 degrees
  • Processor: Intel Pentium Gold 5405U 2.3GHz dual-core
  • Chipset: Intel
  • Graphics: Intel UHD Graphics 610
  • Memory: 8GB DDR4-2400Mhz RAM, upgradeable max 12GB
  • Storage: 256GB PCIe 2280 NVMe SSD
  • Connectivity: WiFi, Bluetooth, USB 3.1 Gen1 Type-C port, USB 3.1 Gen1 Type-C port, HDMI, audio jack combo, card reader, fingerprint sensor
  • 2 x 2W Stereo Speakers, Dolby Audio
  • Camera: 720p HD webcam
  • Battery: 4 cell 52.5 WHr lithium polymer, Rapid Charge, up to 10 hours of normal use
  • Operating System: Genuine Microsoft Windows 10 Home x64
  • Dimensions: 328mm x 229mm x 17.9mm weighing 1.65 kilograms
  • Color: Onyx Black, Abbys Blue, and Platinum Gray

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