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Telset.id, Jakarta – Free Fire (FF) released the latest redeem code for the period October 12, 2020. This latest FF redeem code can be exchanged and claimed by players so that they get prizes in the form of gold and diamond items.

As is well known, Free Fire is one of them battle royale game most popular today with millions of players from all over the world, including in Indonesia.

The appeal of this game is not only because of its exciting gameplay, but because Free Fire always presents codes that can be exchanged to get gold and diamonds for free.

Of course, gamers know, the redeem code consists of 12 digit letters and numbers. In addition, each code has an expiration date and each server country is different.

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The redeem code comes out with an uncertain period of time and has an expiration date and cannot be used repeatedly.

Here's how to change the redeem code and team list Telset.id summarize. Come on, listen!

  1. Open the Garena FF Reward website at https://reward.ff.garena.com/id
  2. Login with your FB account
  3. Input the FF Reward Code
  4. Prizes will automatically enter your Free Fire game inbox

The redeem code can also be exchanged in the Free Fire game application by visiting the news page, scrolling at the bottom until there is a redeem code menu, select the Redeem Code menu and exchange the code that you got.

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If you already know how to change the redeem code, here is a list of the latest FF redeem codes for 12 September 2020:

  • FF I Redeem Code: UEHM – P9L2 – 2B3J
  • FF II Redeem Code: FF3C – 627C – 563C
  • FF III Redeem Code: FCKI – Y56C – 286K
  • FF IV Redeem Code: FF3F – C57A – 5D6D

In addition to this code, you can also take the following Redeem Code for a 2x Gold Royale Voucher

  • Fall 2020 FFIM Code: FFIM – GFAV – KMT7

So, that was the latest Free Fire redeem code 12 October 2020. It should be noted, that the Free Fire redeem code above is for information only, we cannot guarantee whether the redeem code can still be exchanged or not. Complete information can visit the following link. (NM / HBS)

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