Telegram makes coffin memes for WhatsApp (Screenshot: Twitter Telegram), Jakarta – Telegram Messenger performs a unique way to quip WhatsApp's privacy policy. The short message app posted a coffin meme and the post went viral on social media.

Telegram posted a meme via their official Twitter account @telegram on Sunday (10/01/2021). Telegram posted a meme describing the WhatsApp privacy policy notification being placed over the coffin.

This coffin meme comes from an ancient Ghanaian tradition. Ghanaians often hire corpse carriers who are able to dance. The transporters were able to dance while carrying the coffin.

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Through the coffin meme, Telegram seems to insinuate that WhatsApp's privacy policy is the end of WhatsApp's glory. In addition, through coffin memes, Telegram wants to invite WhatsApp users to switch to Telegram.

This meme immediately went viral on Twitter. Based on monitoring The Telset Team from Twitter on Tuesday (12/01/2021) memes have received 68.9 thousand retweets, 15.8 thousand Tweet Quotes, 276.9 thousand likes and 76.7 thousand comments from netizens.

Netizen Comments

Netizen comments were quite mixed in response to the meme posted on Sunday. For example, the @yoursins___ account states that Telegram is the best application compared to other instant messaging applications.

“The best of all. No need for advertising, “tweeted @yoursins___

Furthermore, there is also an @ MidnightTheFox5 account that likes Telegram memes. Apart from these netizens, they also admit that Telegram is better than WhatsApp.

“Telegram is literally master meme. Telegram is better than WhatsApp !, ”wrote @ MidnightTheFox5.

Then there is also the @ThePerilousGirl account which thanks the two companies led by Pavel Durov for safeguarding user data.

“Thank you @telegram for keeping our secrets safe with you dear,” he tweeted.

Finally, there is also an @Ochofire account which asks Telegram to add one more feature, namely Status. With the addition of these features, he is increasingly in love with the blue application.

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“Just add the Status feature and you'll win everyone's heart. I like telegram, “he concluded.

Force Users to Submit Data to Facebook

As information, this Telegram satire is still related to the issue of user data privacy dragging the WhatsApp name. As is known WhatsApp announced a new policy, namely WhatsApp will share user data with Facebook.

Reported by Telset from XDA Developers on Saturday (9/1/2021), WhatsApp announced this through updates and notifications given to users since Thursday (7/1/2021).

WhatsApp Facebook data
WhatsApp shares user data with Facebook (Photo: By courtesy)

There are several WhatsApp data provided, namely telephone numbers, transaction data, information related to services, information on how users interact, information on mobile devices, user IP addresses, and other information.

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This information makes WhatsApp users nervous so that Telegram wants to take advantage of the moment by posting funny memes on their official social media. Until now, comments about memes are still growing.

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