Microsoft Buy TikTok Business, Jakarta – As the news has spread recently, the question arises whether Microsoft will buy TikTok businesses around the world? So far, Microsoft will only buy TikTok's US operations.

Microsoft is rumored to be busy acquiring TikTok operations in the US in line with President Donald Trump's planned ban. Trump does not want TikTok operations at Uncle Sam to be managed by ByteDance.

According to reports Ubergizmo, as quoted, Monday (10/8/2020), Financial Times reveal information that Microsoft is actually planning a much bigger acquisition than we thought.

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A reliable, anonymous source reveals that Microsoft may not only be interested in TikTok operations in the US. Microsoft is likely to annex the company's global operations.

If the rumors from that source are true, Microsoft will control TikTok as a whole around the world. In fact, the company founded by Bill Gates could have controlled the Chinese version of TikTok Douyin.

Reports also claim that Microsoft will give ByteDance a year to break away from TikTok. This time span can be used to solve any data security problems that may exist.

However, publication sources have told them that the one year deadline may be too short. It took ByteDance eight years to complete transactions on such a scale.

The issue of purchasing TikTok is getting hotter, because the latest news says that Microsoft is not alone in its interest in annexing TikTok. According to information, Twitter is ready to “turn” Microsoft because the company is also interested in buying TikTok.

An anonymous informant from the Wall Street Journal said that Twitter had already held initial talks about buying TikTok.

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Even though it is still in the discussion stage, this information makes the issue of TikTok purchase even hotter because Twitter is considered to have an advantage over the previous bidder, namely Microsoft because Twitter has 186 million daily active users around the world.

However, Twitter is considered to have difficulties when buying and developing TikTok. TikTok's business is predicted to reach billions of dollars, while Twitter's market capitalization value is only USD $ 29 billion or Rp.427.5 trillion.

Twitter also suffered a loss of more than US $ 1.2 billion or Rp 17.6 trillion in its last quarter. For this reason, Twitter may look for investors or take a number of debts to be able to buy and develop TikTok. (SN / HBS)

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