, Jakarta – After banning a number of applications made in China, India has now revealed its plans to create a chat application such as WhatsApp or Telegram itself.

As reported Telset from TechCrunch, Sunday (1/11/2020), the Indian government thought about the need to have an email and chat application in the country. Later state government employees are required to use the application for official communication.

The reason behind the Indian government's efforts to create a WhatsApp-like application is to reduce the country's dependence on foreign entities.

“We need to keep our communications closed,” said one official who was not identified.

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India had experienced tensions in terms of trade with the United States. This was triggered by Donald Trump, who removed the country from South Asia from the special trade program because it was considered less convincing.

The Indian government itself called the move unfavorable, and weeks later raised tariffs on some US exports.

India is not the first country to try to build its own chat app. France has previously launched an encrypted chat application called Tchap.

This chat application is used by French government officials to communicate with one another.

As is known, that the previous Indian government has also blocked a number of applications from China, for a number of reasons.

India's Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology previously released an official statement regarding 118 applications that were banned on the grounds that they were “detrimental to sovereignty and integrity, defense, security and public order”.

There are a number of popular applications and games that have also “become victims”. All of that includes Alipay, Baidu, WeChat Work, PUBG Mobile Lite, WeChat Reading, to Arena of Valor (AoV).

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This rule applies to the Android and iOS platforms as well. However, the official statement did not say when this blocking took effect.

The Indian government also emphasized that hundreds of blocked Chinese applications and games were accused of stealing and illegally transmitting user data to servers located outside India.

India's Center for Cybercrime Coordination under the Ministry of Home Affairs has reported several instances of user data being compromised.

There are also cases related to the conflict between India and China over the border near the Tibetan region in May. (HR / IF)

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