– Huawei P40 Pro is one of smartphone which makes us curious to do review complete. Why is that? Yup, smartphone This sophisticated technology is available in Indonesia without the support of Google Mobile Service (GMS).

In fact, a lot of services on line popular that is often used by Indonesian people who depend on GMS, just call it like Play Store, Maps, etc.

Even so, Huawei confidently presents the P40 Pro to Indonesia. When launching in Indonesia, parties Huawei insists that they continue to develop the platform Huawei Mobile Service (HMS) so that it can be used optimally by consumers in Indonesia.

Beyond the “drawbacks”, the Huawei P40 Pro is actually one smartphone powerful and innovative sophisticated that was launched in this mouse year.

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Well, of course you are curious, like what hmm? This Huawei P40 Pro? Therefore, we will review smartphone this is complete in review The following Huawei P40 Pro. Check this out!

The design

Review of Huawei P40 Pro

Huawei successfullyan upgrade the design of the Huawei P40 Pro when compared to its predecessor, the P30 pro. The Chinese manufacturer has successfully made the P40 Pro comfortable to grasp and use everyday. Body-his compact, grip which is just right, and pleasing to the eye let alone exhibited.

Huawei P40 Pro comes with a completely new design compared to the previous series, P30 Pro. Huawei no longer carries a screen design waterdrop or notch, but has adopted the design concept dual punch-hole.

Dual punch hole indeed a new thing for Huawei. But, the design has been used beforehand by brand others, like Samsung, Realme, and also Oppo.

Review of Huawei P40 Pro

Although “go along” in terms of design punch hole, but Huawei gives a touch of new technology to the design of the front of the P40 Pro. The new technology in question is the “Quad Curve Display” or curves on all sides of the screen, both top and bottom, as well as left and right. Where else try, a smartphone with designs like this?

The technology also makes bezel on each side of the screen is so thin, including the chin. Not only that, there are also extreme curves in every corner body. The curve is what makes it smartphone have grip which is just right and comfortable to hold in one hand.

A different, fresh look was also applied by Huawei on the back of the P40 Pro. Smartphone these appear with elegant colors. There are two color choices available in Indonesia, namely Deep Sea Blue and Silver Frost.

Both colors are coated body with a glass base material. Deep Sea Blue, the color of our Huawei P40 Pro unit review is a relatively new color, and maybe only a few vendors smartphone only those who implement it, including Huawei.

According to the color, Deep Sea Blue is a combination of shiny dark blue with black classic. This color gives the impression of elegance and premium, especially when exposed to light exposure.

Review of Huawei P40 Pro

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Different from the P30 Pro, Huawei is now adopting a design the frame rectangular camera. Frame This size is not too big, but a little sticking out.

If you use it without wearing it casing additional, the frame it will be a support body when placed on a table or other flat mat.

Frame this camera is home to four main cameras. Three normal lenses, one LED flash, one periscope lens, and one Leica logo. The Leica logo seems to confirm that Huawei is serious about photography and videography on the device mobile.

Review of Huawei P40 Pro

In review Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, we've explained why the frame camera on smartphone now big. There are two reasons.

First, placing many cameras vertically or horizontally is certainly not pleasant to look at. Because in our opinion, aesthetically design, shape the frame such a camera is quite disturbing design body smartphone overall.

Second, Huawei definitely needs more space or more space to place the camera lenses on the P40 Pro, especially periscope lenses. Why is that? Periscope lenses require large space to place the lens, prismatic glass, and sensor to maximize its function.

But overallHuawei successfully made P40 pro smartphone with design and quality body tall one. Smartphone it's comfortable to hold, to have build quality which is nice, and has a look that is easy to see and also exhibited.

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