FPS Counter in Windows 10

Telset.id, Jakarta – Windows 10 apparently has hidden features that can be accessed by gamers. This feature is the FPS counter which was pre-installed on Windows 10.

FPS or Frame Per Second is a unit used to view the refresh rate of a game on a computer, smartphone or console. The higher the FPS, the smoother the game experience we get.

To monitor FPS speed, users often install third-party applications. Currently, there are many FPS counter applications in the Windows Store. However, most of these applications have drawbacks.

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Another minus point, third party FPS counters also take up storage space. Besides its nature that runs in the background, it will certainly consume battery.

To solve this problem, using the FPS counter that is available in Windows 10 is also the best option.

For that, here's the team Telset.id will share how to activate the FPS counter in Windows 10. Come on!

  • Look for “Xbox Game Bar” in the search field.

FPS Counter in Windows 10

  • Open the Xbox Game Bar app
  • Click the “Performance” option to activate the FPS counter

fps counter in windows 10

  • Now you can see a small box for FPS
  • Then you just run the game and the FPS counter will appear

FPS Counter Windows 10

With this feature active, you can see if your PC or laptop can run the game smoothly. Or it might even be inconvenient to be invited to play.

That's how to display the FPS counter in Windows 10. With this you don't have to bother looking for other third-party applications to show FPS on your computer or laptop. Good luck and good luck!

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