Buy a the laptop usually not independent of screen size. And sometimes, this can determine how ideally a laptop is for users, it can even be a determining factor for how all of these things can end well (or can be bad).

For this reason, below we reveal some ideal tips before buying a the notebook or laptop based on the ideal screen size and fits the user's needs.

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How Big is the Ideal Laptop Screen Size for You? Here's the explanation

Apart from the large selection of modern laptops today with a myriad of great features that can be presented by the manufacturer, the screen size that is present certainly does not change. The increasingly thin bezel feature might be one of the extra features, but the screen presentation is still said to be the size that hasn't changed at all.

So, a laptop usually comes with a choice of screen sizes ranging from 11 “to the largest choice with size 18” which is super wide. Well, sometimes choosing a laptop based on the right size and according to your needs is usually a pretty complicated thing to decide, so that some of our explanations below can be very worthy of consideration to determine the best decision.

1. Laptops with 11 “to 12” Screen Sizes

Small, petite, lightweight and easy to carry anywhere is one of the advantages of a laptop with a screen between 11 “and 12”. The mobility and portability side is the best that can be presented on a laptop that carries the screen size. Although, the specifications that are present are certainly not ideal for strenuous activities such as editing or playing games.

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Moreover, laptops of this size usually have a choice of lightweight specifications, which is more focused for casual office users or browsing activities that are not too demanding. So, if you want a small device, make sure it suits your needs. Interested in a laptop with that screen size? You can see a variety of interesting options here.

2. Laptops with Screen Size 13 “

This option might bring a much better meaning, not only to bring balance value in terms of portability, but the manufacturer also wraps it with many premium features and ideal internal specifications. So, the choice of a laptop with a screen size of 13 “is usually quite popular for business people or young people who want to continue to look stylish. On the other hand, the ease of being taken anywhere is one of the advantages of these laptops, moreover the visual space presented also feels good enough for activities more than casual Office.

It's just that gamers and creators don't usually look at it as the best choice, because the size of 13 “is usually not too ideal for their extra-large needs. Moreover, the series usually comes with a price value that is quite expensive, despite carrying a myriad of great features in it, including light weight. You can even get the best ultrabook with the 13 “screen display that is already on the market today. Interested in a laptop with that screen size? You can see a variety of interesting options here.

3. Laptops with 14 “and 15” screen sizes

This option can be said to be the most popular choice in terms of screen size. Where, laptops that carry sizes between 14 “and 15” can bring a good balance in terms of visuals and of course can provide many benefits for general and special users, and that is also included in terms of price.

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There are many interesting options that laptops with screen sizes can provide, even though the reality is that visual space is far more ideal, not just for casual needs, but can also apply more, such as for content creation or even for playing games. Interested in a laptop with that screen size? You can see a variety of interesting options here.

4. Laptops with 17 “and 18” screen sizes

If you need a much wider space for super extreme activities and bring a super wide screen presentation (even usually served with high resolution), then the choice of a laptop with a screen 17 “or even 18” can be ideal to go. The best thing is, the value of visuality is really fun for gamers and content makers, especially the choice of internal specifications on laptops that carry large screen sizes is usually also quite high.

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It's just that the mobility and portability is a minus value, moreover the weight presented is also quite uncomfortable for a portable device. So, when you plan to have a laptop with a large screen size, make sure you know that this large machine is certainly not too idea to be taken as a companion friend (although you can still force it). Interested in a laptop with that screen size? You can see a variety of interesting options here.

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