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Telset.id, Jakarta – Soon, the Facebook application has a Dark Mode feature. The news was conveyed by researchers Jane Manchun Wong via tweets on Twitter.

Wong stated, Facebook is testing the dark mode feature on the mobile version of the application. However, it should be noted that not everyone can access the Dark Mode trial on the Facebook version mobile.

Facebook also did not announce the requirements for users to access it.

If you want to check whether the feature has been activated on your mobile device, as quoted Telset from Ubergizmo, Monday (2/11/2020), all you need to do is open the Facebook application.

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You can open it via the iOS or Android application. Next, open it Settings & Privacy, and you will see the Dark Mode feature. You can choose to enable or disable these features.

You can also let it change automatically based on system settings. So if you turn Dark Mode on smartphone through the schedule, the application will switch automatically.

What if you don't see that feature in the menu smartphone? The answer, you are not a part of testing the Dark Mode feature on the application version of Facebook. So, when will you be able to try that feature?

Better wait a few moments. If testing the dark mode feature on the mobile version of Facebook goes your way, you can definitely give it a try. Unfortunately, Facebook has not made a statement about this.

At the end of last June, Facebook is reportedly testing the Dark Mode feature for iOS devices. Dark Mode inverts typical black text on a white background to white text on a black background.

This Dark Mode feature is claimed to prevent users from a hot-white background irritating the eyes at night.

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For your information, for devices that use AMOLED screens, Dark Mode can save battery life. This is because the OLED panel makes black by turning off the pixels in the appropriate area.

Facebook users sharing dark mode-related images on Twitter appear to be using iOS 14's first developer beta. (SN / MF)

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