, Jakarta – Poco X3 NFC has hit the smartphone market in the country with high specifications and very competitive prices. One of the advantages that the Poco X3 NFC brings is the screen with a 120Hz refresh rate.

The higher the screen refresh rate, the content transitions displayed on the smartphone will look smoother and smoother. The 120Hz refresh rate itself is the highest at this time.

Country Director of Xiaomi Indonesia, Alvin Tse explained how the 120Hz refresh rate is present on the Poco X3 NFC screen.

“Poco X3 NFC with a 120Hz refresh rate gives you a smooth scrolling experience,” said Alvin during a presentation on the Poco X3 NFC, Thursday (15/10/2020).

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Alvin explained, if the 120 Hz refresh rate is on all the time, it can torture the smartphone battery. For this reason, the Poco X3 NFC comes with a new technology called DynamicSwitch

“DynamicSwitch is a really cool technology, which automatically adjusts the refresh rate based on activity,” explained Alvin.

Thanks to DynamicSwitch technology, the screen refresh rate will be able to adjust automatically depending on the user. Refresh rate 50Hz for viewing photos, 60Hz for watching videos, 90Hz – 120Hz for playing games and scrolling social media.

“If you play games, it will probably adjust between 90Hz to 120Hz. It will provide a smooth experience when you need it. When not needed, it will switch to a lower refresh rate to save battery, “explained Alvin.

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The presence of these features gives the Poco X3 the upper hand, because not many smartphones in the middle or mid-range classes already have 120 Hz screens. Usually this specification is present at smartphone class flagship.

Apart from supporting a refresh rate of up to 120 Hz, the screen of the Poco X3 NFC is also equipped with a 240 Hz touch sampling rate feature.

With touch sampling rate high-sensitivity control provides a combination of high-sensitivity and faster response.

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Enjoyment from on high refresh rate and touch sampling rate this will be more pronounced when used to play games. Gameplay will appear to run smoother and touch response will also be faster.

This part of the screen has also been protected with protective glass Corning Gorilla Glass 5, so it won't get scratched easily. (HR / IF)

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