Galaxy Note S5 Roundtable Review

Samsung brings back the Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone. The latest Smartphone edition, which was just launched in May 2014, has several excellent features that are quite interesting to review. The price for this Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone is around Rp. 8,000,000. This Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone model appears together with several other smartphone models namely Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung Galaxy S3.

This Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone model is a superior smartphone model that is equipped with a 5.1-inch touch screen with full HD 1920 x 1080 pixel display supported by super AMOLED technology. Samsung Galaxy S5 screen is also protected with an additional layer of scratch resistant Gorilla Glass 3.

Samsung roundtable

An interesting feature of the Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone model is that it is equipped with water and dust capability with IP67 certificate. This smartphone model is also equipped with an additional fingerprint sensor that is on the home button. From the camera side, the Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone model is also equipped with an additional 16 megapixel resolution main camera which is also equipped with an additional dual tone LED flash and autofocus feature.

In terms of processor performance, the Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone has been equipped with a quad core Krait 400 processor with 2.5 GHz speed from Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 which has been supported with an additional 2GB of RAM memory and with graphics processor support from Adreno 420.

The following is a review of various media technology abroad about the Samsung Galaxy S5 Smartphone. Check it out:

This Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone model looks quite superior from various factors. We can see with the Android operating system 4.4 KitKat OS, quad core and with the addition of the best camera features in it looks quite interesting. Samsung has also been able to streamline in terms of design that is on this one smartphone model.

The shortcomings of the Samsung Galaxy S5 only get a slight upgrade when compared to the Samsung Galaxy S4. The additional fingerprint scanner feature also looks confusing to use. But the interesting thing is that the heart rate monitor feature on this smartphone looks pretty good. If you see the manufacturing costs for the Samsung Galaxy S5 is a bit expensive when compared to similar types of smartphones.

When viewed from the look of the Samsung Galaxy S5 it looks quite good. We can see from the side of the upgrade from various places, namely with a faster chipset, a larger screen size, and new sensors that are more attractive such as heart rate monitors and fingerprint scanners. The ability of this camera is also interesting. When viewed from several things, this Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone model is better when compared to the Galaxy Note 3.

Reviews of Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone models are powerful, and are also tested with the new TEST. Samsung looks can not be developed further when compared to the appearance of the latest arrivals smartphone.

With the addition of a larger display size that can make things better, this Samsung Galaxy S5 Smartphoen can take pictures very well. We can imagine what Samsung can do if you try it directly.

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