– The notion of “low-cost HP brand” is still attached to Xiaomi, and certainly this one vendor did not want to let go of the assessment that has been attached for a long time. Therefore, Xiaomi has consistently released new products at affordable prices, such as Redmi Note 9 which we will review this time.

Redmi Note 9 itself is a “standard model” brought by Xiaomi to accompany the Redmi Note 9 Pro. Smartphone The price is priced at Rp 2.4 to 2.7 million, or approximately a difference of Rp 1 million from the Pro version.

Even though it's a “standard version”, smartphone This carries unusual specifications. There are a number of advantages that complement the Redmi Note 9 to attract the attention of consumers in the country.

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Well, in this article, team will review the full pass review Redmi Note 9 below. So, continue to see ya!

The design

Review of Redmi Note 9

Review Redmi Note 9, we start from the design first. Actually, the designs of the Redmi Note 9 and Note 9 Pro are quite similar to each other. The latest Xiaomi cellphone is carrying the design of the DotDisplay screen, and it is also enhanced by the design the frame square shaped camera.

Redmi Note 9 has a screen size that is much smaller than the Pro model. This 6.53-inch IPS screen has a maximum Full HD + resolution. Bezel which surrounds it is quite thin on each side, except for the chin which is quite thick.

The screen itself has been certified by TUV Rheinland. Certification is not just gimmick, friend. But, it indicates that the Redmi Note 9 screen provides security and comfort to the user's eyes when wearing it, especially when used at night or in low light conditions.

The screen has also been coated by Corning Gorilla Glass 5, and has been coated screen protector thick enough to be removable.

As we have mentioned above, the Redmi Note 9 screen appears with a DotDisplay or design punch hole aka the camera hole. But, the location of the hole is not in the top center of the screen, but the left corner of the screen.

In our opinion, this is an ideal position. Because, the hole is not too disturbing content that appears on the screen. The game for example, punch hole this is not too distracting and reduces our experience when playing the game, especially shooting games like COD Mobile.

To the back, Redmi Note 9 carries body made from polycarbonate. Not yet known, whether body has it been coated in Corning Gorilla Glass 5 or not. Body It is coated with three color choices, one of which is Midnight Gray.

The color has a look glossy and quite simple. However, when exposed to light reflection at the right angle, the color seems more lively and gives an elegant impression.

Review of Redmi Note 9

However, color glossy this also has its drawbacks you know. Yup! What we lack is that body Redmi Note 9 is very easy to get dirty, and fingerprints are easy to stick.

In appearance, the design is 11-12 with Redmi Note 9 Pro. Frame the camera is square, and has four rear cameras in it.

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However, design the frame it's quite different, and in our opinion better. The top two lenses are affixed with bright colored lines. Perhaps, the line indicates that the two cameras above are the main advantages of this Redmi Note 9.

Right at the bottom, there is a conventional fingerprint sensor. The fingerprint sensor is coated in a jet black color, which makes it feel like it blends in with the frame camera.

Similar to Redmi Note 8 Pro, this sensor is integrated with the frame camera. But, the fingerprint sensor is not too prominent, and its position is comfortable to reach.

Still the same as the Pro version, Redmi Note 9 was designed with the frame made from quality plastic. Build quality Xiaomi's latest cellphone is quite good, and bodyit is comfortable to hold using one hand because its size is not too big. In addition, this phone has subtle curves on the left and right body-his.

Layout low part smartphone This is the same as Redmi Note 9 Pro. Available speaker who has the ability to clean the hole independently.

Speaker this is pinned on the Clear Speaker feature which plays loud sounds in approximately 30 seconds to clean holes speaker from dust. Then, there is a microphone, the port USB-C, and jack audio 3,5mm. At the top, there is a microphone and IR Blaster.

While on the right side, there is a button power side by side with the button volume. Although the location is the same, but because of the smaller size of the phone, the button power as well as volume fingers can still reach very well. While to the left, there are 2 SIM card + microSD slots.

Still the same as the Note 9 Pro, Xiaomi's latest cell phone has a disadvantage that lies in the section the frame camera. Frame it sticks out, exceeds body. So, if you don't use casing additionally, the camera is the overall support smartphone.

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