How to Register for Batch 11 Pre-Employment Cards – The discourse on opening the 2020 batch of pre-employment cards program is still unclear. However, prospective participants must learn how to register for the batch 11 Pre-employment Card program through the official website so that they do not have difficulty registering.

According to the Head of Communications for the Executive Management of the Pre-Work Card Program, Louisa Tuhatu, the opening of government program registration is still awaiting direction from the Job Creation Committee (KCK) led by the Coordinating Minister for the Economy, Airlangga Hartarto.

“This 10th wave completes the 2020 quota. Whether there will be an additional wave depends on KCK's decision. Still waiting for directions, “said Louisa.

It should be noted, the Pre-employment Card is a government program that aims to provide training and coaching to Indonesian citizens (WNI) who do not have skills.

In addition, participants will also get an incentive of Rp. 3.55 million, with details of Rp. 1 million in the form of training vouchers and Rp. 2.4 million or Rp. 600 thousand per month for 4 months which will be given after the training is complete.

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Then, there was Rp. 150 thousand given after the participants filled out the survey 3 times. In batch 9 of the pre-employment card, the participant quota is 800 thousand participants.

Although it is still unclear when it will open, learning how to register for batch 11 Pre-Employment Cards through the official website is very important. Hence, the team will give tips in the form of how to register for the 11th batch of 2020 pre-employment cards. Come see!

Requirements for Pre-Employment Card Participants

Not everyone can enroll in this program. There are 3 main requirements for pre-employment card participants. Here are the three requirements:

  • Indonesian citizens
  • Are over 18 years of age
  • Not currently in school / college

How to Register for Batch 11 Pre-Employment Cards

  • Access the official site via browser in smartphone or your PC.

How to Register for Wave 11 Pre-Work Cards

  • choose Sign up now, and fill in your email address and password to create an account. Next, click List in the below section.

How to register wave 11 pre-work cards

  • Check your email for account confirmation.
  • Log in as usual. Then, fill in your personal data, family card number (KK), and Identity Number (NIK). Then, click Next.
  • Complete your personal data by uploading an official photo. Verify your mobile number, and click Send.
  • You will then get an OTP. Enter the OTP, and click Verification.
  • Here, you are required to fill in an applicant's statement and take a motivation test. Do not forget, you also have to take a basic ability test on line.
  • It is recommended to prepare paper and stationery when taking the test.

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  • Then, wait for the test results. When it comes out, please select the desired wave and click join
  • Finally, fill in some statements and the registration stage is complete. You just have to wait for an SMS from the program organizer informing you whether you passed or not in the batch 11 Pre-Employment Card list.

Good luck and success! (NM / MF)

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