#kamisukareview – The rise of new brand mobile phones circulating in the Indonesian market certainly makes you confused. There is even a store warranty or distributor warranty that is sold in addition to the official guarantee.

It's no secret if there are on the market HP official warranty and HP shop warranty or distributor warranty. Both of them actually offer the same type of cellphone, only after-sales service and sometimes the quality is different.

Speaking of official guarantees, obviously, the product was sold officially with an entrance tax and service guarantee at retail / retail specifically designated by the brand holder.

While questioning the distributor's HP warranty, it is common for vendors to call it a store guarantee with a certain time span (an average of a month since you made a purchase). Clearly, cell phones with this warranty are still legally questionable.

Well, it means you must understand the risks associated with buying a distributor or store HP warranty.

Here are 3 things you should consider when trying to offer a distributor guarantee;

HP Troublesome Shop Warranty

Certainly different from the official guarantee cell phone which has a claim that is spread throughout the official network.

Generally, if you buy a cellphone with an official guarantee you will get a pretty long guarantee period, even up to 2 years. Including replacement of units, software update (if there are problems), or replacement parts (spare parts). Depending on the case of damage recorded on the warranty card.

Meanwhile, if you buy a cellphone with a store warranty, then if you have a problem, then your cell phone will only be handled at the place you bought the cellphone. That is, if the warranty period is still valid.

If the validity period expires, hope you can only go to stores that service mobile repair services. That wasn't even an official store as well service center.

Software system

Generally, a cellphone with a store warranty has slightly different specifications from a cellphone sold with an official guarantee. Cellphones are commonly called cellphones black market (BM) This is an imported product that is not officially registered.

Indeed, for ordinary people will be a little difficult to distinguish between cell phones that are officially guaranteed or distributors. But it's easy, you can check through the software system (software) regarding language availability. If there is no Indonesian, it is very likely that the cellphone is a BM cellphone.

The distributor must have previously modified the system software cellphone so that it can be active with the operator network in Indonesia.


Another thing that becomes an obstacle when doing BM cellphone service is the availability of spare parts (spare parts). Generally mobile repair service providers (not authorized retailers), cannibalize the BM cellphone spare parts that are serviced.

There is no guarantee, whether it will last or not, because generally the cell phone repair services only provide warranty services for a week.

Well, if you get the lure of low-priced cell phones offered on social media, then check the validity. Generally, BM cellphones will be printed by cellular operator logos from other countries, such as T-Mobile, Verizon, etc.

So how, already understand the risks.

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