– Samsung Galaxy A51 arguably is one proof that Samsung began to “inspired” the business strategy of brands smartphone from China. How not, this South Korean producer presents smartphone new ones that have specifications almost not much different from the previous series. Want proof? It's better to see review […] – Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro comes with a 108 MP resolution camera. This feature makes it a smartphone the first to adopt such a brand-new feature in the world. This is what makes us impatient to immediately conduct a review Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro. After all this […], Jakarta – Samsung opens 2020 by launching Samsung Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A71. Second smartphone This is getting enough attention, especially the Samsung Galaxy A71 which comes with a variety of improvements in terms of specifications. To find out more clearly, we will review it in a review of […] – Admittedly, development smartphone, especially the middle series is growing very fast. Realme for example, just last October presented the XT Realme series, now there is a successor named Realme 6 Pro in Indonesia. So, to know more about the features, please review the results of Realme 6 Pro […]