, Jakarta – market gaming smartphone in Indonesia in 2019 yesterday it immediately became crowded with the arrival of several gaming smartphone premium, including ROG Phone II from Asus. How great is the cellphone gaming This Asus? Check out the full review of ASUS ROG Phone II.

After in previous years, Indonesia was still limited to parts hype, but in 2019 finally gaming smartphone premium is really launched in the country.

ASUS ROG Phone II becomes gaming smartphone Asus is the most eagerly awaited gamers, because it carries the most excellent specifications compared to its competitors. Starting from the screen, chipset, software, cooling system and also the battery.

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This time the team arrival of ASUS ROG Phone II for deeper review. Surely you are already curious about gaming smartphone this one is not. Well, consider the results of the following ASUS ROG Phone II review!


Before conducting further review regarding cellphones gaming ROG Phone II, of course it would be more interesting if we open the contents of the box from this one device. As for the ROG Phone II sales package, there is a unit inside smartphone, document packages, adapters charger with the output 15W, USB cable and Aero Case.

Asus gaming smartphone

Next, we will hands-on ROG device to further discuss the design of this device. This device has a design that is not much different from the previous generation namely ROG Phone, only a few aspects that look different.

There are no more fake ventilation holes on the back of the device, because what is now installed is really a vent that is connected directly to the cooling system part of the device. You can see on grill with a golden or color accent copper on the back section.

Asus ROG Phone II gaming smartphone

The material used is metal and glass. The glass used here is Gorilla Glass 6 which certainly has better protection than the previous generation. Not only on the front panel, but also on back-door-case. The ROG logo is still displayed on the back with an RGB light that can switch colors.

On the back there is also a main camera. ROG Phone still carries dual camera on the back, with a normal lens and ultra wide. In section the frame the camera looks quite unique, because the frame looks polygonal, unlike most smartphone which has the frame round camera, box or elipse.

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At the front, the ROG Phone II carries a 6.59-inch screen without notch. But it still looks like a large bezel on the top and bottom. But not without reason, as gaming smartphone of course thick bezel will benefit the user. Namely as a grip when in position smartphone in a situation landscape when playing the game.

On the bezel, Asus also pinned a stereo camera on the top and bottom bezels which certainly gives a magnificent sound when playing the game and play videos. The audio system is also supported by DTS: X Ultra technology.

For buttons and slots, as gaming smartphone premium of course ROG Phone II has a different installation smartphone regular. On the right side of the ROG Phone II is not only equipped with a button power and volume but also Air Trigger.

Asus gaming smartphone

Air Trigger is an additional button in the form touchpad which can be in maping according to user requirements when playing the game. ROG Phone II also features the latest generation of Air Triger technology swipe control, not only tapping as in the early generations.

In addition, users also do not need to worry about placing their finger on the Air Trigger continuously, because Air Triger will only function when tap / swipe. In addition, the user can adjust the Air Trigger pressure level.

Still on the right hand side, Asus also added microphone so that the user’s voice is still clear when playing the game. Because if you only rely microphone at the bottom and top, often covered by hands when smartphone held horizontally.

Asus gaming smartphone

While on the left side there is the port Side mount. Port it functions as a connector to several supporting accessories. Side Mount also has a USB Type C port that can be used for charging and data transfer.

On the lower side, there is the main USB Type C, and also a 3.5mm Jack hole and microphone and on the upper side there microphone.

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