#kamisukareview – step OPPO in 2020, it will increasingly reinforce their existence as one of the top vendors. See, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) and 5G became OPPO roadmap in 2020.

At the OPPO INNO Day event which was held in early December 2019, the Chinese vendor has confirmed that OPPO is no longer a smartphone company, but will become a technology-based company.

This roadmap was revealed by Aryo Meidianto, PR Manager of OPPO on the sidelines of the introduction of the Technology Journalists' Forum (Forwat) in Jakarta, Tuesday (10/3). According to him OPPO will change the company's image to become ‘Technology Company”.

OPPO 2020 Roadmap Target AI, IoT and 5G

“OPPO will change the company's image to” Technology Company “, and will focus on working on smart ecosystems in 2020,” said Aryo.

OPPO itself has planned to invest 7 billion USD dollars for the development of R&D in the next 3 years to develop core hardware, software and 5G, AI, AR, big data and other technologies.

By actively collaborating with partners around the world, OPPO will realize a new ecosystem of intelligent services in the era of intelligent connectivity. “The OPPO roadmap for 2020 will focus on 3 major themes namely AI, IoT and 5G.”

OPPO is also ready to pour large amount of investment funds to the research and development team globally, the value is not half-hearted namely around 1.43 billion US Dollars.

AI Roadmap on OPPO Devices

As is known, for the implementation of AI (Artificial Intelligence), OPPO has made a breakthrough on devices such as OPPO F5 and OPPO F7 after presenting it on several devices since three years ago.

In this device OPPO buried the AI ​​algorithm for the beautification function in the camera. This AI ability will detect facial characters and implement settings automatically to produce a 'beautiful' effect when taking selfies.

OPPO Roadmap on IoT Business

For the IoT business, OPPO has only been involved in this sector in 2019. Although still relatively young, OPPO looks very serious to develop it.

In his presentation at the FORWAT event, Aryo said that OPPO had prepared several products that became the first step in jumping into IoT, one of which was by introducing OPPO Enco Free True Wireless Stereo (TWS) in Indonesia.

“For IoT products, OPPO already has Enco Free which is a TWS device and will be available in the Indonesian market,” said Aryo.

In addition, OPPO also has several other products such as OPPO 5G CPE Omni, OPPO AR Glass, OPPO Watch and Brenoo Virtual Assistant which were previously introduced together with the launch of the Reno2 Series.

5G technology on OPPO Smartphones

While in the 5G sector, OPPO has collaborated with several cellular operators and has tested 5G technology on the OPPO Reno 5G device some time ago.

It's just that, according to Aryo, the development of 5G itself is still hindered by regulations and community views. “We are still waiting for the regulators what the regulations are like, from where the readiness is ready, we are still looking.

“But in terms of the devices and the ecosystem itself, OPPO is ready. One more thing, education about 5G to the community is also very important to give an idea of ​​what 5G is and what can be done with 5G. “

Aryo added, the most easy to implement related to 5G, especially the super fast internet access capability, is for businesses, especially for work. “Editing documents online and others can be even faster, including gaming and video streaming.”

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