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Turmoil as Donald Trump's supporters take over the US Capitol Building (Photo: NYP), Jakarta – Video footage posted on the internet shows the moment when rioters who are supporters of President Donald Trump occupied the United States (US) Capitol building, Wednesday (6/1/2021) local time.

The video, which was first posted on TikTok, was then shared via Twitter. Video taken from behind the barricade of officers. The police on guard seemed overwhelmed by the sea of ​​Trump supporters who were about to enter the Capitol building.

According to reports New York Post, as quoted Telset, Thursday (7/1/2021), the demonstrators were seen so easily breaking through the barriers and personal limitations of the police. In the video footage, the masses waved US and pro-Trump flags.

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The demonstration rejected Joe Biden's victory. The demonstrators, who call themselves the US Rescue Movement, wore the red caps that became symbols of the Trump campaign. Trump was present before the riots occurred.

Demonstrations were not peaceful. The situation immediately became overflowing with clashes between the security forces and Trump supporters from the right-wing proud Boys militia. They try to stop Biden's appointment meeting and break through the police barricades.

Washington DC Police announced that three people died as a result of a medical emergency near the Capitol building, thus, a total of four people died during the raid of the Capitol building, which houses the US parliament.

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The US Congress passed in the early hours of Thursday local time to finally determine Biden as the winner of the presidential election by earning 306 electoral votes, far exceeding the 270 minimum threshold electoral votes. Trump only earned 232 electoral votes.

Although he did not agree with the results of the presidential election, Trump promised an orderly transition of power. Trump said the decision by the US Congress to certify Biden's victory represented the end of the greatest first term in the history of the presidency.

World netizens slam Trump supporters

World citizens are excited to see the invasion of the US Capitol. They posted photos and opinions on Twitter so that this case became a trending topic for netizens around the world.

Based on monitoring The Telset Team on Trends24 on Thursday (07/01/2021) Capitol was ranked first on the trending topic with 2.6 million tweets. This means that a lot of world netizens are talking about the incident.

Then there is the @lintangeg account which compares the conditions at the beginning of 2021 and 2020 where last year, the world community was shocked by the issue that there was a third world war or World War 3 because of the conflict between Iran and the United States.

Meanwhile, in early 2021 the public was shocked by the case of Trump supporters storming the Capitol Building.

“The year 2020 opened with the trending hashtag World War 3 because America & Iran are hot. 2021 opens with Trump supporters storming the American Capitol Building. It's a bit surreal, ”said @lintangeg.

Until now, there are still many netizens who talk about the attack on the Capitol Building. In addition, there are many pictures and videos showing the brutality of the demonstrators destroying the building and trying to thwart Joe Biden's approval as president. (NM / HBS)

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