Samsung Galaxy Note20 – The Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra has been launched and is ready to become the new prima donna for connoisseurs gadget in the premium class. Smartphone offers a number of technological leaps that have long been awaited by the audience tech savvy professional.

Even though the world is still hit by the Covid-19 pandemic, Samsung has finally succeeded in holding the annual grand event of the Galaxy Unpacked 2020, which this year was held virtually on August 5, 2020.

There were four new products from Samsung's premium line that were launched at the event. The first and most eagerly awaited device is the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Series, Samsung's flagship premium smartphone this year.

Then besides announcing the latest Galaxt Note series family, Samsung also introduced three other devices that are also in the flagship category, namely the Galaxy Fold 2, Galaxy Watch 3, and Galaxy Tab S7 Series.

Without wanting to downplay the three other new products, which are actually cool too, but it must be admitted that the Galaxy Note 20 Series is Samsung's most awaited product. gadget enthusiast at the Galaxy Unpacked event this time.

Bearing the title as the most premium smartphone in the “caste” of Samsung's product series, it is natural that more attention is focused on the Galaxy Note20 Series. Of the two variants introduced, the Galaxy Note20 Ultra drew the most attention.

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With the appendage “Ultra” behind its name, the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra is the most luxurious, fierce and feature-rich variant in the Galaxy Note20 Ultra family. Even so, the Galaxy Note20 variant also offers no less capable specifications.

The most striking and visible difference is in terms of size. The Galaxy Note20 Ultra is larger than the Galaxy Note20, and even the largest of all the series smartphone made by Samsung.

Apart from the screen size, there are several specifications that differentiate the two phablet this sophisticated. We note that there are at least 5 reasons why the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Series is the most awaited presence this year.

Well, before you do pre order, team will give 7 reasons why the Galaxy Note20 Ultra is the most awaited and is worth considering to enter your shopping list this year.

Mystic Bronze, Luxury and Elegant

In the millennial era, not only men are interested in the world of technology and gadgets, because women are never separated from it gadget. Perhaps what distinguishes it a little, women still consider the design side, apart from the technology, when buying a product smartphone.

Samsung captured that desire very well with the launch of the Galaxy Note20. This smartphone can arguably answer the expectations of active women who use smartphones a lot to support their daily work activities.

You could say, the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Series is perfect for those of you who are tech savvy, but still want to look stylish through your smartphone in your hand. Samsung seems to prepare very attractive colors for both male and female users.

For the Galaxy Note20 variant, Samsung offers three visible color variants eye catching, namely Mystic Bronze, Mystic Green, and Mystic Gray. Meanwhile, the Galaxy Note20 Ultra comes in three elegant color choices, namely Mystic Bronze, Mystic Black, and Mystic White.

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Of all the color variants, we can say Mystic Bronze to be signature color of the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Series. Samsung revealed that the Mystic Bronze color is indeed very special, because it was obtained based on research from observing current lifestyle trends.

The Mystic Bronze color is rated as that color timeless, elegant and luxurious, so it is suitable to be worn by women and men. The luxurious impression of this color is enhanced by the casing design on the back which is made with a haze finish texture, so it doesn't leave a trace of fingerprints when held for a long time.

Samsung Senior Designer, Yunjin Kim, said that one aspect of determining the design of the Galaxy Note20 is prioritizing the design simple, sleek, but still sturdy and can be worn without a hitch.

Samsung also mentioned that the main concept when developing the Galaxy Note20 was “Sustanaible Premium”, which means it's durable, elegant, and doesn't just follow trends that usually last for a moment.

Without putting aside other colors, it must be admitted that Mystic Bronze is the strongest magnet that caught the attention of many people when the Galaxy Note20 was announced. The color is elegant and luxurious, in accordance with its premium class.


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