Best iOs games 2020
Sword Master Story – Tired of your old game? Looking for a new game for you to play? These 7 newest iOs games might be suitable for you to play with friends or play alone.

Starting from the RPG genre games, Hack and slash, and Action you can find on the list here. This line of the best iOs games offers attractive and entertaining graphics and gameplay plus you can download them for free, you know.

Just go ahead, Tim has prepared the 7 latest iOs games released in October 2020 as follows:

1. Goddes Kiss: O.V.E

latest games iOs
Goddes Kiss: O.V.E

Recommendation games The first best iOs is Goddes Kiss: O.V.E. This RPG genre game offers a lot of waifu for you to collect as well as 2D graphics and chibi characters to create gameplay not boring.

This game is perfect for those of you who don't mind the system gacha and also features pay to win. With the system gacha, You can strengthen your team in the game.

You can play Goddes Kiss: O.V.E game for iOS because it was released on the App Store on October 7, 2020.


2. Sword Master Story

newest game iOs 2020
Sword Master Story

The next RPG game has Sword Master Story which you can play on the iPhone or iPad. Sword Master Story is suitable for those of you who like to collect waifu and husbando anime design.

You can play this Super Planet game automatically or manually, with one button you can relax while doing other activities.

You can enjoy the battle because it has its own animation for each skill. This latest iOs game was released on October 6, 2020.


3. Final Fate TD

latest iOs games
Final Fate TD

IOs best game genre Tower Defense that is, you have to withstand the attacks of the monsters that come continuously. This game is also nuanced gacha to collect existing fighters, suitable for those of you who like to collect cool and strong heroes.

The publisher of this game, GAMERSWORD CO., LIMITED will test your strategic skills to win the battle. Final Fate TD is suitable for those of you who are challenged by strategy games like Clash Royale or Arknight.


4. Samurai Shodown: The Legend

best iOs games
Samurai Shodown The Legend Of Samurai

If you are not satisfied with the list above, the next game is Samurai Shodown: The Legend Of Samurai. This RPG action game offers the sensation of the land of Sakura in 3D plus a strong hero and combo unlimited.

Samurai Shodown The Legend Of Samurai has gameplay that's not boring as well as graphics and audio visual which is no less cool. The game also has cut scene to add to the impression of life.


5. Masketeers Idle Has Fallen

best iOs games
Masketeers Idle Has Fallen

The graphics in the latest iOs 2020 game add to the exciting impression and you can get the skills of the musketeers every time you upgrade them with coins. You can play Masketeers Idle Has Fallen on the App Store because it was released on October 6, 2020.

This game made by Appxplore is a genre Turn Based Idle. The gameplay will not bore you because the stages have different levels and different enemies.


6. Merge Empires

latest iOs games
Merge Empires

Merge Empires tests how tough your troops are in facing incoming enemy attacks. You can play this game offline without an internet connection, so you can play the best iOs 2020 game anytime and anywhere.

The newest game iOs 2020 offers gameplay a unique strategy, you can combine one of your troops with one other army to reach the next level.


7. Escape Legends

best iOs games 2020
Escape Legends

The latest iOs game is Escape Legends. This game is perfect for those of you who like solving puzzles, especially the best iOs game you can play with friends.

Escape Legends requires you to solve puzzles so you can leave a room. The publisher released the game on October 8, 2020 on the App Store.


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